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Ukraine, 08130, Kiev, 14 E, Petropavlivs`ka Str.
+38 (044) 232-32-40, +38 (044) 371-17-93

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Sale and service of medical equipment. The official distributor "HITACHI LTD" (Japan) - Ultrasound diagnostic systems HITACHI ALOKA (Japan). - Bone densitometry systems - Endoscopy systems - Complex equipment of medical centers.

Medlux, laboratory

19-А, Dovbusha Str., Ivano-Frankivsk, 78200, Ukraine
+38 (050) 909-09-79

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Medical laboratory


15, Y. Mudroho Str., Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
+380 (57) 717-40-59 +380 (57) 757-45-70

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MEDSTAR SOLUTIONS – a team of professionals with 28 years of experience in the medical business, technological design, engineering services, the commissioning of medical institutions, the introduction of new technologies, equipment and software. Our client base – more than 1000 medical institutions in all regions of Ukraine.
Projects Medstar: МІS “Мedstar”, Medcard 24, E-Prescription, IDIS, Telemed 24, PACS.

Medtechsnab, Ltd.

Off. 619, 21, Banderi Ave., Kyiv, 04655, Ukraine
+380 (44) 494-41-10 +380 (44) 492-94-30

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We offer a wide range of medical equipment, supplies, instruments for all branches of medicine. Medtechsnab Ltd is the official representative of Elatma Instrument Plant JSC, Mozhaisky MIZ JSC, State-owned Ryazansky Device Plant JSC, Krasnogvardeets JSC, Rudolf Riester (Germany), SECA (Germany), Truphatek International ltd.(Israel), Pharma Systems AB (Sweden), Enter Medical Corp. (Taiwan), Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (P.R.China), MRK Healthcare (India) in Ukraine. We invite medical companies of Ukraine’s regions for cooperation.


38-А, Kosmonavt Komarov Ave., Kyiv, 03065, Ukraine
+380 (44) 497-35-63

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Company “MIDA” for over 20 years has been engaged in the import, sale and installation of the world's most well-known brands of medical equipment and consumables. We take care of every customer, supplying reliable and high-quality equipment and disposable materials.

MIRS, Corporation

37, Osipova Str., Odessa, 65012, Ukraine
+380 (482) 30-55-08 +380 (482) 30-55-55

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Mirs Corporation has been the official distributor of world famous European companies for more than 20 years. The brand portfolio includes such recognized brands as Liebherr, Riedel, Peugeot, and many others.
Liebherr is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in Europe. The company has been specializing in the production of refrigerators and freezers for over 60 years for use in various fields of activity, including medicine. The range of Liebherr includes devices for medical institutions, laboratories, research centers. Thanks to patented innovative cooling technologies and a high-quality control system, Liebherr's laboratory equipment maintains a constant temperature that ensures constant reliable operation. Liebherr is the highest efficiency, reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and use, innovation.

MK Kvertimed-Ukraine, LTD

Off. 107, 56, Poltavskiy Shliakh Str., Kharkiv, 61052, Ukraine
+380 (57) 752-10-52 +380 (57) 752-10-54

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MK-Kvertimed Ukraine sells laboratory equipment and supplies: analyzers automatic hematology, electrolytes, glucose, blood gases; automatic and semi-auto coagulation analyzers, biochemical analyzers and devices for electrophoresis of proteins, dispensers, leukocytes counters, other equipment, and supply hemostasis reagents and laboratory plastic. The company develops, makes service of laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents.

Modem 1

14, Priorska Str., Kyiv, 04114, Ukraine
+380 (44) 461-82-24 +380 (44) 461-82-27

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The company “Modem 1”, the official distributor of GE Healthcare in Ukraine.
Our company operates in the market of medical equipment of Ukraine since 1992 and specializes in the sale and service of medical equipment.
During this time, we installed and put into operation more than 700 different ultrasound devices throughout the country.

MUCOS Pharma, Representative office in Ukraine

Off. 109, 12, Visalia Verhovintsa Str., Kyiv, 03148, Ukraine
+380 (44) 498-90-12

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52 years on the Pharma market. Polyenzyme therapy is an effective and safe method of treatment, consisting in the use of mixtures of enzymes of plant and animal origin. Indications: • Osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew's disease, multiple sclerosis • Thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, lymphatic edema • Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia • Adnexitis, mastopathy, chronic infections • Pre- and postoperative inflammatory processes, post-traumatic edema, plastic and reconstructive operations • Cystitis, prostatitis • IHD, myocardial infarction • Increasing the effectiveness of antibiotics


Ap. 2, 7, Vynnychenka Str., Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine
+38 (067) 705-02-34

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NaturVita Company provides the medical community of Ukraine with innovative, highly effective methods and means for the prevention and treatment of diseases. In its activity, the company NaturVita is guided by the principles of scientific validity, maximum safety, efficiency in the long run. In Ukraine, the company NaturVita introduces the method “Alimentary liposuction” using the amino acid complex Macresces for the treatment of obesity, anti-aging therapy, etc.

Nektar, PE

Off. 429, 2-A, Chystyakivs'ka Str., Kyiv, 03062, Ukraine
+380 (44) 451-44-68

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PE "Nektar" is one of the leading companies in the medical market of Ukraine.
The company carries out the supply, maintenance and repair of medical equipment. PE "Nektar" is engaged in complex equipping of medical institutions, hospitals and medical rooms in all existing areas: surgical, gynecological, urological departments, anesthesiology and resuscitation, reproductive centers and maternity homes, diagnostic and veterinary clinics. Qualified engineers of service centre provide warranty service and after-sales service by the customer.

Nikator, LLC

11, Serpova Str., Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine
+380 (44) 232-13-45

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LLC "Nikator" is a reliable supplier of medical equipment. The company's work is focused on the client: a flexible system of discounts, an individual approach. In the range of medical equipment of European quality at affordable prices.
The company is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of trade marks MDH and Sonoscape, has certified engineers. The main direction is endoscopic equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, endoscopic instruments and accessories.

Olimp, Experimental and Development Center, LLC

Ukraine, 01033, Kyiv, Antonovich Street, 32
+38 (044) 289-88-78 +38 (044) 287-44-70

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Since 1992 LLC «RPC «OLIMP» produces the surgical sutures of wide range for cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, dentistry, plastic surgery and general surgery, as well as polypropylene meshes for hernia repair and temporary cardiac pacing wires.


55/57, Voloska Str., Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
+380 (44) 502-24-45 +380 (44) 502-24-47

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ONIKO is a trading and industrial company founded in 1992. It is a partner of the world-famous manufacturers such as AGFA, GE Inspection Technologies, Nasco, 3B Scientific, CAE, Limbs&Things, MIOX Co and others. Today ONIKO is a leader in the Ukrainian market in the field of medical X-Ray equipment, supplies and expendables, medical training equipment, simulators and anatomical models. The main direction of the activity of the company is providing medical institutions and educational establishments with: •X-ray equipment and associated goods; •X-ray films and reagents for developing and processing; •Protective equipment against ionizing radiation; •Visualization and printing systems; •Information systems PACS, HIS, RIS and software; • Medical training equipment, imitator models for the basic and special skill training, virtual medical simulators, anatomical models. •Equipment for potable and wastewater treatment and disinfection; •Warranty and post-warranty technical service. ONIKO is a manufacturer of X-Ray films and Chemicals for Film processing, X-Ray protection means and X-ray equipment. ONIKO service engineers are certified, highly-qualified professionals who are constantly regularly trained by the companies-manufacturers of the equipment.


8, Sikorskogo Str., Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
+380 (44) 456-99-33

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Multinational pharmaceutical company “Organosyn” is one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry that has been successfully operating at the Ukrainian market since 1996. The company’s portfolio includes more than 45 brands, that have won the trust and recognition of modern consumers.

OSD Shidna Evropa, LTD

Ukraine, 03127, Kyiv, Prospekt Goloseevskiy, 100/2
+38 (044) 425 89 51

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OSD Shidna Evropa - the official importer and distributor of medical, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment. Exclusive distributor of famous brands of medical equipment from 8 countries. OSD Shidna Evropa is a reliable partner with over then 10 years experience. More than 400 partners in Ukraine work with us and trust us. We build only profitable partnership with our partners all over Ukraine!


Off. 121-B, 5, Nikolaya Golego Str., Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine
+38 (096) 781-16-51

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Internet store of goods for health and beauty. Innovative cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and products for children.


6, Avtobazivska Str., Poltava, 36000, Ukraine
+38 (067) 212-51-65

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Manufacturing medical equipment.

Polypromsyntes, LTD

14, Marshala Grechko Str., Kyiv, 04136, Ukraine
+380 (44) 369-59-53 +380 (44) 369-30-11

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“Polypromsyntes” – Ukrainian manufacturer of hydrotherapy equipment – balneological baths and medical shower systems. The company was founded in 1995. The quality of “Polypromsyntes” products is confirmed by many years of experience in more than 500 resorts and medical institutions in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia. All products are provided with a warranty and a full range of service.

Polyx Group Solutions, LTD

9, Artilna Str., Dnipro, 49081, Ukraine
+38 (056) 790-53-05

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Polyx Group Solutions is an importer, distributor of disposable products for professionals in the beauty, medicine, services and manufacturing industries.
The range of the company is designed to meet the requirements of specialists and is presented with disposable consumables to ensure convenience, economy and comfort, and guarantee safety and hygiene.
The assortment includes: disposable gloves, masks, hats, shoe covers, sleeves, aprons, disposable clothing, wiping materials, spunbond sheets, towels and napkins from spunlace and the like.

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