Exhibitors 2020


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Medstar Solutions

8/10, Descent Kulikovsky, Kharkiv, 61002, Ukraine
+380 (57) 714-00-80

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Medstar Solutions LLC. is a leader in the informatization of healthcare in Ukraine, a partner in medical institutions in the transition to new forms of management, a developer of the medical information system RMIS Medstar and other medical software products.


3/7, Pidgirna/Tatarska Str., Kyiv, 04107, Ukraine


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The company offers Ukrainian and foreign gevises for cardiography, ultrasonic research, spirography, encephalography, holter monitoring. Own development and manufacture of electrocardiograph MIDAS, computer complexes CARDIO for an ECG end REO researches. Raw materials.

MIRS, Corporation

37, Osipova Str., Odessa, 65012, Ukraine
+380 (482) 30-55-08 +380 (482) 30-55-55

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Mirs Corporation has been the official distributor of world famous European companies for more than 20 years. The brand portfolio includes such recognized brands as Liebherr, Riedel, Peugeot, and many others.
Liebherr is one of the largest manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in Europe. The company has been specializing in the production of refrigerators and freezers for over 60 years for use in various fields of activity, including medicine. The range of Liebherr includes devices for medical institutions, laboratories, research centers. Thanks to patented innovative cooling technologies and a high-quality control system, Liebherr's laboratory equipment maintains a constant temperature that ensures constant reliable operation. Liebherr is the highest efficiency, reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and use, innovation.


59, Mayakovsky Str., Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy, Odessa region, 67701, Ukraine
+380 (4849) 2-22-07

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LLC “MIZ-MA” is a modern enterprise that specializes in the production of air sterilizers, autoclaves and dry air thermostats.
All products including recent developments meet European standards and requirements. The products that are made by LLC “MIZ-MA” have gone through certification and are certified by ISO quality management system, certificates of conformity with the technical regulation on medical devices according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (CMU) of 2nd September 2013 №753.

MK Sonomedika

27-E, Prirechnaja Str., Kyiv, 04213, Ukraine
+380 (44) 227-59-29 +38 (067) 504-29-93

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MK Sonomedika company is the official representative in Ukraine of such companies: SonoScape Medical Corp. (A wide selection of ultrasound diagnostic scanners and video endoscopic systems), Vygon GmbH (consumables for resuscitation and anesthesia) and Perouse Medical (port systems for vascular access). Our company delivers, service, warranty and after-sales service for SonoScape Medical Corp equipment.

Modem 1

14, Priorska Str., Kyiv, 04114, Ukraine
+380 (44) 461-82-24 +380 (44) 461-82-27

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The company “Modem 1”, the official distributor of GE Healthcare in Ukraine.
Our company operates in the market of medical equipment of Ukraine since 1992 and specializes in the sale and service of medical equipment.
During this time, we installed and put into operation more than 700 different ultrasound devices throughout the country.

Naftalan Pharm Group

14-А, Dilova Str., Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine
+380 (44) 200-10-40 +380 (44) 200-10-41

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The company "NAFTALAN PHARM GROUP" is a manufacturer of naphthalan medical cosmetics, which is used for skin problems (dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis), periodontitis, joint diseases.
We are the official distributor of naphthalan products of leading Azerbaijan and EU manufacturers.
In our line: shampoos and shower gels, soap, toothpaste and mouthwash, creams for skin and joints.
We represent the German NAFLAN® pain relief patches, which are effective in relieving muscle, spine and joint pain.

Nektar, PE

Off. 429, 2-A, Chystyakivs'ka Str., Kyiv, 03062, Ukraine
+380 (44) 451-44-68

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PE "Nektar" is one of the leading companies in the medical market of Ukraine.
The company carries out the supply, maintenance and repair of medical equipment. PE "Nektar" is engaged in complex equipping of medical institutions, hospitals and medical rooms in all existing areas: surgical, gynecological, urological departments, anesthesiology and resuscitation, reproductive centers and maternity homes, diagnostic and veterinary clinics. Qualified engineers of service centre provide warranty service and after-sales service by the customer.

Nikator, LLC

11, Serpova Str., Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine
+380 (44) 232-13-45

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LLC “Nicator” is a reliable supplier of medical equipment. The company's work is focused on the client: a flexible system of discounts, an individual approach. In the range of medical equipment of European quality at affordable prices. The company is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of trade marks tpm taberna pro medicum GmbH, MDH, Sonoscape, Besdata, Choyang Medical, has certified engineers.
The main direction is endoscopic equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment, endoscopic instruments and accessories.


10, Ptasia Str., Poznan, 60-319, Poland
+48 (501) 77-88-55

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We are medical device manufacturer from Poland. Our experience is more than 17 years in the EU market. Now we are expanding our partnership base in Ukraine and are inviting Distributors to cooperate.

OSD Shidna Evropa, LTD

Ukraine, 03127, Kyiv, Prospekt Goloseevskiy, 100/2
+38 (044) 425 89 51

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OSD Shidna Evropa - the official importer and distributor of medical, orthopedic and rehabilitation equipment. Exclusive distributor of famous brands of medical equipment from 8 countries. OSD Shidna Evropa is a reliable partner with over then 10 years experience. More than 400 partners in Ukraine work with us and trust us. We build only profitable partnership with our partners all over Ukraine!

Polix Group Solutions, LLC

9, ArtilnaStr., Dnipro, 49081, Ukraine
0 800 305 705

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Polix PRO&MED product range is designed according to requirements of specialists and represented by disposable consumable products to ensure safety and high protection level of the patients, specialists and equipment during medical procedures.
The product range includes disposable gloves, masks, caps, shoe covers, oversleeves, aprons, disposable clothing, spunbond coatings, spunlace towels and wipes, etc.

Protech Solutions Ukraine, LLC

Off. 34, 9th floor, 4, Mytropolyta Sheptytskoho Str., Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
+380 (44) 593-43-25 +380 (44) 593-43-29

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Protech Solutions Ukraine - the official distributor of GE Healthcare. Our company is engaged in delivery of modern medical equipment, which includes: MRI, CT, ultrasound imagine systems, mammography, angiography and X-ray systems, patient monitors, resuscitation equipment and etc. The main principles of the company: innovation, quality and reliability of the equipment, perfect service and after-sales service. The company has own service center.

Providence Medica, Company

16-V, Kniajiy Zaton, Kyiv, 02095, Ukraine
+380 (44) 538-02-79 +380 (44) 538-02-81

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Providence Medica is a part of the medical market of Ukraine since 1999. Thanks to the continuous development and monitoring of trends and innovations of medical equipment, we offer actual solutions to existing problems of practical medicine.
Our main areas:
- X-ray imaging equipment
- equipment for 3D ultrasound imaging
- laboratory equipment
- Plasma sterilizers
- Vein probes
- balloons and stents for interventional cardiology

RedMed LLC

Off. 238, 28, Lesya Ukrainka Blvd., Kyiv, 1133, Ukraine
+38 (096) 129-80-46 +38 (067) 363-75-79 +38 (096) 600-90-40

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RedMed is the official distributor in Ukraine of many foreign companies manufacturing medical equipment. The company is now a supplier of medical equipment and medical devices to foreign and domestic manufacturers. The main purpose of the business is to offer modern, high-quality and reliable medical equipment for the Blood Service of Ukraine, which meets strict European and world quality standards. We are ready to provide the Blood Service with quality medical supplies at an affordable price.


5-А, Rivnenska Str., Chernovtsy, 58000, Ukraine
+0 (800) 211-875

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RH company is the market leader in ultrasound that provides reliable ultrasound systems, probes and spares from the world's leading manufacturers: Toshiba, Siemens, Philips, Medison. A wide range of brilliant quality ultrasound equipment, individual settings and installation, excellent warranty and post-warranty support, training of the personnel – are those advantages that help buyer to find the most advantageous ultrasound system quickly and easily. Our experience covers 13 years of successful work in the ultrasound equipment market. RH – is what distinguishes.

Royal Integration Ltd.

31, 192-Sadova Str., Kyiv, 02132, Ukraine
+380 (44) 362-78-86

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Royal Integration Ltd. is a new company based on existing enterprises, the main activity of which is the introduction of own products on the market of medical information systems. www.medtehnika.org.ua

Salutis Print

3, Pivnichno-Syrets'ka Str., Kyiv, 04136, Ukraine
+380 (44) 592-45-56 +380 (44) 223- 66-77

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The company more then 17 years is working as the print house and design studio. Design any kind of difficulty, prepress, offset and digital printing. Productions: booklets, books, catalogues, visit cards, notebooks, POS-materials.
Specialization - cooperation with pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions.


Off. 121-А, 5, M. Golego Str., Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine
+380 (44) 351-11-12 +380 (44) 351-11-17 +380 (44) 502-68-10 +38 (050) 351-43-33 +38 (050) 351-93-43

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LLC "SKY MEDICA" offers laboratory plastic products, blood collection systems and accessories, automatic dispensers and medical clothes.
We are ready to offer products of European manufacturers from a warehouse in Kiev, wholesale and retail:
- Vacuum systems for taking venous blood LIND-VAC® (InterVacTechnology, Estonia)
- AUTOMATIC DUST AND BOTTLES (AHN Biotechnologie GmbH, Germany).
- Laboratory plastic utensils (SAM PLAST d.o.o., Serbia)
- Medical clothing (SPIÑARD, Ukraine)
Professionalism, stability and responsibility are the foundation of our work!

Spec-Com-Service Co., LTD

4-N, Kiltseva Str., Petropavlivska Borsczagivka, Kyiv region, 08130, Ukraine
+38 (067) 463-63-12

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Spec-Com-Service Co. Ltd. – Ukrainian manufacturer of ambulances of different types by standard of EN1789:2007, MOD. Our company have wide experience in manufacturing of special vehicles for medical evacuation and first aid help (mobile hospitals, medical evacuation buses for injured patients, mobile moduls for medical staff, x-ray trucks, etc.).

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