Exhibitors 2020


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Healthyway, PE

Off. 522, 70, Golosiivskiy Ave., Kyiv, 03040, Ukraine
+380 (44) 592-15-29 +380 (44) 520-25-22

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Private Enterprise “Healthyway” – is official representative of the American company “Healthyway Production, Inc” (HWP) in Ukraine. This company produces dietary supplements, vitamins, generic drugs and medical cosmetics. Production of HWP meets the requirements and standards FDA and GMP. The priority for the company is the production of dietary supplements from natural ecologically pure raw material aimed at maintaining health and preventing disease. Our company cares about the quality and safety of its products, that’s why implementation of dietary supplements made strictly through pharmacies and specialized trading companies.


Off. 2, 126-G, Lobanovskogo Ave., Kyiv, 03118, Ukraine
+380 (44) 585-82-51

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“IMESС” Llc is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of multifunctional expert-level ECG system “ECGpro” and professional ABPM system “ABPpro”. “IMESС” Llc is an authorized distributor of leading manufacturers of Stress Test equipment (Ergoline, TrackMaster), and equipment for pulmonological research (Geraterm Raspiratory).
By combining modern technology and years of experience, we supply the equipment:
- Holter ECG
- Resting ECG
- Stress Test ECG
- Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test
- Activity group cardiac rehabilitation complex
- Equipment for pulmonary research
Qualified technical support and free training provide an effective and reliable performance of equipment starting from the first day of use.

Inherent Simplicity Baltic

26–323, K. Petrausko Str., Kaunas, LT-44156, Lithuania
+370 (686) 804-41

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We are an international consulting company with more thаn 12 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry. We identify the causes of core problems and provide directions for solutions: to increase inventory turns, sales, availability, due date performance, optimize assortment. About 10,000 pharmacies, as well as manufacturers and distributors (Dr. Reddy, Rigla...) use our experience and our approaches.

International School of Technical Legislation and Quality Management (ISTL), LTD

Ap. 25, 10, Shovkovychna Str., Kiev, 01021, Ukraine
+380 (44) 587-61-19 +380 (44) 200-80-97

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The main task of the International School of Technical Law and Quality Management is consulting in the field of European technical legislation, EU directives, technical regulations, standards and rules; development of management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 15189, ISO/IEC 17025 and their preparation for accreditation and certification, as well as training and certification of laboratory specialists, medical institutions, enterprises in accordance with the level of European recognized qualifications.


21/12, Lyuteranska Str., Kyiv, 01024, Ukraine
+380 (44) 333-70-39

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The “Kind” company supplies medical institutions and diagnostic centers of Ukraine with brand new medical equipment. The main partner of our company is the German concern Siemens. The main goal of “Kind” is to provide public and private medical institutions in Ukraine with the opportunity to work on advanced diagnostic equipment (ultrasound systems, CT scanners, MRIs, angiographs, x-ray machines, etc.) to ensure the maximum effectiveness of patient diagnostic tests.


Off. 19-A, Khreschatyk Str., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
+380 (44) 495-29-51 +380 (44) 495-29-78

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KOTRA is a non-profit organization created by the Korean government on June 21, 1962 to promote trade between the Republic of Korea and other countries. For over 50 years, KOTRA has been helping companies from all over the world develop and build business relationships with Korean companies.


Office 197, 1/11, Florencii Str., Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
+380 (44) 541-08-00

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Ksenko is a developing company, which started its work in the medical equipment sphere in 2003.
Today employees of company work in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Dnipro, Lviv and Odesa.
The strategic directions are formed of products aimed at the needs of professionals in the field of radiology, anesthesiology, resuscitation, intensive care and surgery for patients of all categories, including neonatal.
Important areas are also products aimed at emergency medicine.

KVANT, X-ray equipment plant, LTD

Ukraine, 61046, Kharkiv, str. Bagrationa 6, office 122
+380 (057) 754-56-04 +380 (057) 754-56-03

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X-ray equipment factory KVANT is one of the most leading enterprises of Ukraine in elaboration, production, supplying and servicing of medical X-ray diagnostic systems. We produce modern, effective X-ray diagnostic equipment for ensuring of high level of diagnostic in prevention and treatment of socially dangerous and epidemic diseases. 30 years of experience in production and elaboration brought to our equipment fame in our country and far off its borders.

Laboratory of Complex Solutions, LLC

Off. 908, 6, S.Bandera Ave., Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
+38 (097) 77-213-77 +38 (093) 77-213-77 +38 (095) 77-213-77

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The “Outpatient.com” project allows you to find medical furniture, furniture for staff, furniture for waiting areas, medical equipment, medical clothing and supplies needed for opening and functioning of outpatient clinics, hospitals, private medical offices in one place, on one site.

Latvian Health Tourism Cluster

93-27, Dzirnavu iela, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia
+371 292-148-68

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Latvian health tourism cluster has 60 members: government, municipality and regional hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation, and medical centers, as well as educational and research institutions.
Main aim: to provide high-quality medical services with high added value at the competitive prices to foreign patients. Fields of specialization: plastic surgery, dentistry, bariatric surgeries, ophthalmology, vein treatments, beauty treatments, dermatology, orthopedics, children surgery and others. Medical trainings for medical personal from abroad.


Off. 3-054, 7-A, N. Vasilenko Str., Kyiv, 03124, Ukraine
+380 (44) 227-16-70 +380 (44) 227-16-73

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"LIFEMEDICA" LLC is the official representative of leading european companies-manufacturers: Oscar Boscarol srl (Italy), S.I.E.M.srl (Italy), Innomed Medical Zrt (Hungary), Votem Co., LTD (Korea), ASPEL S.A. (POLAND), LESS AS (Norway), AMBULANC (SHENZHEN) TECH.CO.,LTD (CHINA).
We offer a wide range of high-quality medical equipment for intensive care, emergency conditions, emergency medicine, sports medicine and rehabilitation.
Equipment for ambulances and other medical vehicles.
Guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service of equipment, customer's staff training and methodological support.


1/38, Koshitsa Str., Kyiv, 02068, Ukraine
+380 (44) 227-30-27

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LLC MEDACADEMY specializes in the comprehensive provision of medical facilities with modern equipment and everything necessary for work. The company is the representative in Ukraine of such leading world manufacturers of medical equipment as Sonoscanner, eZono, Neo-laser, LISA laser and others. The company trains specialists in Ukraine as well as in the leading medical institutions of the world. We are always ready to discuss with our customers their requirements and wishes to offer the best solution.

Medaparatura, Kyiv Industrial Corporation

Ukraine, 04073, Kyiv 21, S. Bandery Ave.
+38 (044) 467-76-21 +38 (044) 379-15-62

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The company is specialized on the serial production of transportable and stationary photoroentgenograph with digital image processing, X-ray diagnostic complex with digital image processing, transportable roentgenfluorography room, transportable dental room.

Medconsulting, LLP

Off. 45, 67, Peremohy Ave., building F, Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 (67) 796-11-36

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MEDCONSALTING is a law firm specializing in the protection of interests of the health care institutions and private practitioners. The complex of legal and consulting services provided by our company enable our clients to carry out activities in a lawful manner, to solve the problems successfully and to prevent it in future. One of the main specific features is that the company involves practitioners for executing of tasks at hand. These practitioners have a broad experience in the area of medical law and legal groundwork for activities of medical centers. The key business lines are: licensing and executing of due diligence of health care institution’s activity, HR record management verification, accreditation, nostrification and obtaining the permits for medical activities in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, legal advice on medical law.


Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, str.Nazarivska,1
+380 (44) 234-48-28 +380 (44) 234-36-28

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“MED EXIM “- represents worldwide known brands such : Esaote, Medispes, Brightfield, IMAX, AREL, Sunlight, Asclepion, SIVCO, Straub, Owandy. The main principles of company are: innovation, professionalism, quality and equipment reliability, equipping efficiency and complexity of medical centers, warranty and after-sales services. The company has their own authorized service center. Efficiency and delivery time of equipment the company are guaranteed by having their own storage availabilities.


11, Serpova Str., Kyiv, 03115, Ukraine
+380 (44) 303-99-43

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MEDICOM-UKRAINE LLC is a daughter company of a worldwide producer of disposable materials for individual protection, medical and dental consumables. Head quarter of MEDICOM is in Canada. A premium-quality production complies with FDA and ISO 13485 standards.
Product range for Ukrainian medical market is as follows:
- Medical examination non-sterile and sterile latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves, polyethylene
- Protection face masks (3 ply)
- Bouffant caps
- Sterilization pouches and reels
- PE shoe covers
- Sleeves
- Medical/dental bibs
- Packages polyethylene «spanband»
- Sheet one-time

Medin 2011, LLC

Ap. 60, 4, Rybalko Str., Kharkiv, 61082, Ukraine
+380 (57) 751-54-07 +380 (57) 751-54-11 +38 (067) 959-13-97 +38 (067) 25-35-045

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LLC "Medin 2011" is the exclusive and official representative in Ukraine of the manufacturer medical instrument and medical containers stainless steel company Paradise Instruments, as well as we are the official representative of the medical stand for minimally invasive surgery company DVL China (laparoscopic, urological, arthroscopic, gynecological for minimally invasive surgery). The entire instrument is registered in Ukraine. Wholesale and retail trade. Delivery to any region of Ukraine. LLC "Medin 2011" has all the necessary documents for implementation in Ukraine. nahalov71@gmail.com


Off. 153, 24-B, Svobody Ave., Kyiv, 04215, Ukraine
+38 (050) 414-61-26

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Medinova LLC has long-term partnerships with many leading European and American producers, is a distributor of world-renowned companies, directed on production of equipment for a simulation study in medicine, namely:
- SimuLab (USA);
- Anatomage (USA);
- Immersive Touch (USA);
- Simbionix (Israel);
- MOOG Simodont dental trainer (USA);
- Innosonian (UK).
Also regular partners-suppliers of MediNOVA LLC are WEM (Brasilia) – electrosurgical equipment.
We perform complex equipment of medical institutions, offices and classrooms:surgical, urological, gynecology departments; IVF and Fertility Centers; ambulances and rescue services; medical simulation centers.
Service Center as a part of MediNOVS LLC provides qualified technical support of equipment. Service center engineers have certificates for repair and maintenance of medical equipment, refresher courses, attend training seminars in Ukraine and abroad.
The company provides a professional solution of any technical problem on the distributed medical equipment.
Our service center offers:
- Commissioning of the supplied equipment;
- Warranty service and after-sales services;
- Instructing representatives of partner companies;
- Telephone consultations.


Off. 106, 11/46, Pavlovska Str., Kyiv, 01135, Ukraine
+380 (44) 499-96-58

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“Medistore” LLC is the official distributor of the world famous manufacturers of medical equipment within the territory of Ukraine:
Welch Allyn is the world famous company, which is mainly concentrated on the so-called «forward line patient care” – physicians’ cabinets, emergencies, hospitals.
Midmark is the world famous manufacturer of medical furniture.
Biolitec is the company, which develops new laser technologies and fibers.
Sometech is the manufacturer of the surgical apparatus and video systems.
SAVION is the manufacturer of medical furniture.
Pegasus is the manufacturer of medical furniture.
Huliot is the manufacturer of medical organizers.
NOPA is the manufacturer of medical instruments.

Mediterra, LLC

Off. 1, 12-A, village Sofiivska Borshchahivka, Kyiv region, 08131, Ukraine
+38 (067) 408-01-07 +380 (44) 338-01-07

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Mediterra was established in 2018 by practicing surgical specialists. The main idea of the company was the desire to create a direction in the medical business to provide our colleagues-specialists of various surgical profiles with the most necessary and most advanced equipment of the world medical practice.
The MEDITERRA company is the Exclusive and authorized representative of the Turkish company DUZEY Medical, throughout Ukraine.
We are also an official dealer of the German-Chinese manufacturer WASTON Medical.
All our products that we represent are certified and meet European quality standards.
LLC “MEDITERRA” - optimal surgical choice!

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