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3, North Syretskaya Str., Kyiv, 04136, Ukraine
+380 (44) 334-43-37


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The AEREKS LLC for over 20 years, has been successfully manufacturing medical furniture and equipment in Ukraine.
Company is constantly expanding and improving our range of night products. We have developed several lines of air disinfection equipment to combat the pandemic. It is important for us that our partners always feel comfortable working with us.
An important stage for us was the passing of the European certification on the ISO system in 2016 year, which affected not only the quality of products, but also the management system and all production processes. For several years now our equipment in Europe has been recognized as quality and safe.
In 2020, we received the CE Certificate for air disinfection equipment, which greatly expanded our opportunities in world markets.

AERTI, official representative in Ukraine private entrepreneur Goncharov

74-B, Turgenevska Str., Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine
+38 (050) 802-78-92

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AERTI is a high-tech enterprise that develops, manufactures and exports qualified oxygen concentrators worldwide, including the manufacture and supply of oxygen concentrators for major European brands.
AERTI owns one of the largest factory in China for the production of oxygen concentrators and has an official representative in Ukraine, which is engaged in wholesale and retail sales in the domestic market and provides warranty and post-warranty service.


113, Solovyanenko Str., Kozin, Kyiv region, 08711, Ukraine
+38 (096) 068-00-00 +38 (67) 445-56-92

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Alison Group is engaged in the distribution, production and wholesale supply of medical goods in Ukraine, as well as the export and promotion of domestic goods and products on foreign markets. With a rich experience and range of products, we always strive to improve cooperation and be flexible in pricing and terms of cooperation, which allows us to serve and be regular suppliers to more than 300 companies.
We serve: pharmacies, government agencies and enterprises, industrial production, hospitals, shopping malls and business centers, restaurants and hotels, shopping malls, educational institutions, gas stations, clinics, laboratories and other industries.


8, Scholkivs‘ka Str., Brovary, Kyiv distr., 07400, Ukraine
+380 (44) 495-27-66

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The medical furniture of TM AMED is the high-quality furniture for hospitals, diagnostic centers, drag stores, education institutions and etc. The main characteristics of this medical furniture are the following: functionality and safety of exploitation and long-life use. The furniture is well-designed, lightweight, firm. Its price and quality are well-balanced.
Our full cycle production facilities are certified to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008; it allows producing the high-quality products those completely meet the requirements of the consumer.
The AMED production is made upon the experience of leading European manufacturers. It meets the requirements of the laboratories of various profiles.

Analytec, LTD

11, Shamryla Tymofiia Str., Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
+380 (44) 456-62-13
+380 (44) 456-62-14

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Analytec Ltd is the official distributor of Waters Corporation, sells, installs and maintains laboratory and analytical equipment of world-famous companies:
- Waters (USA): Overproduction UPLС, HPLC, mass-spectrometers, BioAccord mass-spectrometer – the best solution for biopharmaceutical, clinical and biomedical analyzes.
- Merk Millipore (USA): laboratory water purification systems, microbiological control, filtration.
- Microlab Scientific (HongKong): consumables for laboratories.
- Teknokroma (Spain): columns for HPLC and GC.
- Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd (Scotland, UK): Solutions for nitrogen, hydrogen and air generators.
- Adrona (Latvian): laboratory water purification systems, filtration.

Art Metal Furniture

53-А, M. Rudenko Str., Dnipro, 49101, Ukraine
+38 (056) 790-34-07


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Art Metal Furniture has been creating a product that Ukraine is proud of for over 25 years. Our company is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Eastern Europe. The AMF production complex provides a complete and continuous cycle of furniture creation. Among the wide range of AMF products, you will find everything you need for a variety of industries and applications: - for public institutions, offices - executive chairs, camera chairs and chairs for visitors, upholstered furniture for recreation areas, cabinet furniture and accessories; - for catering and KaBaRe - chairs on a wooden and metal frame, tables, tabletops and supports, soft sofas and armchairs; - for hotels - comfortable mattresses, beds, wardrobes, chairs and cabinet furniture; - the assortment also includes furniture for schools and various MAFs: benches, lanterns, urns, ashtrays, bus stops. AMF company is pleased to offer services for the development of ready-made interior solutions, from the creation of a design project to the selection of furniture and materials, as well as their manufacture in-house, according to the needs of the customer. Our mission is to adapt the desires of our customers and translate them into a finished product. We transform concepts into ideas, ideas into shapes, and shapes into products.


5, Mykola Goleho Str., Kyiv, 03058, Ukraine
+38 (096) 781-16-51

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Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponges.


Office 427, 27, Vadima Getmana Str., Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine
+380 (66) 085-23-24

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LLC ASKM GROUP was founded in 2015, the company supplies commercial floor coverings, as well as provides installation services.
Employee experience is more than 10 years in this field. During this time, we have sold more than 3,000 facilities in various industries and of varying complexity.
One of our areas is specialized floor coverings for healthcare facilities. Here you will find solutions from general purpose areas to specialized areas with high requirements.

Astravir Technology, Company

6, Poltava shlyakh, Kharkov, 61011, Ukraine
+38 (099) 032-52-14

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Astravir Technology is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of PCR test kits for laboratory diagnostics. The range of the company: Test systems for Covid19, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, herpes virus infections. Modern production covers an area of 1000 sq.m. In the laboratories of the enterprise, more than 30 employees work on development and production, among whom there are PhD. The company has implemented a quality management system ISO 13485.

Aurafix Ukraine

79, Lirnetskaya Str., Dnipro, 49000, Ukraine
+38 (097) 884-10-04

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Aurafix Ukraine is the official representative of TM Aurafix in Ukraine. It is one of the leading companies selling orthopedic products. With the help of our products we improve the quality of life of consumers: it is designed for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine, joints, feet and veins, as well as rehabilitation after injuries and operations.
Our company is actively involved in the development of the Ukrainian market of orthopedic products. The assortment portfolio will be perfectly suitable for orthopedic salons, medical shops, drugstore chains, medical clinics.
We are ready to support partners throughout the country and supply quality orthopedic products, increasing sales in all regions of Ukraine.

AURORA, Hearing Rehabilitation Centre, LTD

43, Demiivska Str., Kyiv, 03040, Ukraine
+380 (44) 501-03-51

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Hearing Rehabilitation Center AURORA LLC is a healthcare institution licensed and certified by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, a Sole Distributor and authorized representative in Ukraine of the leading hearing care companies, Oticon, Oticon Medical, and Interacoustics. Hearing Rehabilitation Center AURORA offers a full range of services related to hearing care including: hearing rehabilitation, sale and fitting of hearing aids and cochlear implant systems, maintenance service and providing audiological equipment to the healthcare facilities.

BERES Pharmaceuticals, LTD

App. 43/5, 44, Metrologichna Str., Kyiv, 03143, Ukraine
+380 (44) 465-63-21

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Beres Pharmaceuticals LLC (Hungary) is a famous European pharmaceuticals company, which produces and sells high-quality OTC medicines and food supplements by affordable prices. In Ukraine the most popular products are Beres Drops®, Antifront, magnesium-containing, calcium-containing medicines and vitamin-mineral food supplements for all family’ members.

Canes of Ukraine

98, Chkalova Str., Mykolaiv, 54055, Ukraine
+380 (512) 24-62-51 +38 (063) 673-60-39

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Our company has more than 20 years of successful experience in the implementation of the medical equipment and medical supplies. After studying the market offers, we decided on our own production. We manufacture and sell beautiful and strong walking sticks. We make walking sticks from valuable types of wood - beech, the handle - linden. Today we produce three types of canes: Classic, Modern and Dandy.
Our credo is reliability, convenience and only natural materials.

CHEMEK, Scientific-Production Limited Company

11/4, Kavkazks`ka str., Kyiv, 03035, Ukraine
+380 (44) 249-40-80

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"CHEMEK" LTD is an exclusive distributor of the leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers of IVD equipment and medical products. We supply laboratory equipment and consumables to private and state medical laboratories and the blood service of Ukraine.


23, Mihnovskyh Blvd., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine
+38 (067) 672-00-67

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MedGroup company has been the official importer and representative of TM Cherokee/Dickies in Ukraine since 2012. We offer original medical clothing and footwear from the manufacturer. We have over 300 models in 30 colors and sizes from XXS to 5XL. The quality of our products is one of the 3 best in the world among the manufacturers of uniforms.


12, Anton Tsedik Str., Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine

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COR-Medical is a trademark under which the leading medical supplies distributors in Ukraine sells products from the world's leaders. We offer reliable products and innovative technologies for cardiovascular, minimally invasive and ENT surgery, interventional cardiology and oncology, neurosurgery, arrhythmology, urology, spinal disorder treatment, joint prosthetics, transfusion and cell therapy, as well as solutions for hearing impairment treatment and binocular optics.

DAMU, Center of Information Technologies

Off. 501, 16, Bogenbay Batyr Ave., Nur-Sultan, 010000, The Republic of Kazakhstan
+7 (717) 254-21-81

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Information Technology Center “DAMU” is a leading Kazakhstan company specializing in software development. Creation of a single digital health care - ensuring continuity of health care between different services.
Quick and seamless transition to paperless technology. Building a BIG DATA repository for processing and analyzing information is an online analytics of the region. Electronic health passport. Mobile application for the patient “Damumed”, mobile application for the clinic’s doctor and hospital’s doctor.


90-А, 40th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine Str., Zaporizhzhia, 69057, Ukraine
+38 (099) 233-86-51 +380 (61) 707-37-64

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ERBA LACHEMA (Czech Republic) – famous producer of high-quality biochemistry instruments (Chem7, XL-200), reagents and controls (Bio-La-Test, Imu-La-Test) for clinical chemistry; hematology analyzers Elte3,5; diagnostics instruments (Laura and Laura Smart) and test-strips (PHAN) for urine analysis; kits, disks and test-strips (Mikro-La-Test) for identification of clinically important microorganisms, EIA analizers.


154, Borschagivska Str., SC “Marmelad”, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 (098) 106-03-03 +38 (066) 106-03-03

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Doktoram.com - shop of modern medical wear. TM Doktoram - Ukrainian leader in the production of modern, stylish and practical clothing for health workers. We offer unique collection: lab coats, scrub tops, pants, caps - made of finest fabrics and sewn according to the latest European trends of medical fashion.
40, Builders Str., TC Doma Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
72, Velyka Vasylkivska Str., TC Olympiyskiy, Kyiv, Ukraine
19-G, Srednefontanskaya Str., SC “Crystal”, Odessa, Ukraine
10, Nezalezhnosti Ave., SC “Torhovyy kvartal”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
60, Javornitskogo Ave., TC “Gallery”, Dnipro, Ukraine
14, Under the Oak Str., Lviv, Ukraine

Doppelherz (Queisser Pharma Ukraine, LTD)

Off. 49, 26-J, Dneprovskaya naberejnaya Str., Kyiv, 02132, Ukraine
+380 (44) 585-34-90 +380 (44) 585-34-92

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Ltd Queisser Pharma Ukraine - the exclusive representative of the German TM Doppelherz in Ukraine. In the beauty and health segment, Queisser Pharma has been working in 50 countries of the world for more than 10 years. As a result, many pharmacists, cosmetologists, dentists use Doppelherz, Protefix products and repeatedly recommend it to their customers.

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