State medical institutions of high educational of Ukraine

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Ukrainian Military Medical Academy

33, 45/1, Moskovska Str., Kyiv, 01015, Ukraine
+380 (44) 280-00-34 +380 (44) 280-01-43

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The Ukrainian Military Medical Academy is a higher military medical school of the IV level of accreditation with the right to train and retrain military doctors on educational and qualification levels of specialist and master of medicine (pharmacy) (including foreign citizens), as well as the Ministry of Defense scientific and medical center of Ukraine.
21 professors, 33 doctors of sciences, 65 candidates of sciences, and 54 associate professors work in the Academy.
The Academy consists of 2 faculties and 11 departments, Research Institute of Problems of Military Medicine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 80 soldiers provided assistance to the wounded and injured in the antiterroristic area.

Zaporizhzhia Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SI

20, Vinter Blvd., Zaporizhzhya, 69096, Ukraine
+380 (612) 289-80-82

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ZMAPE is a modern center for postgraduate education and continuing professional development of physicians has the highest IV level of accreditation. The Academy has 172 teaching staff, which including 6 – Honorary Scientists of Ukraine, 6 – Honoured Doctors of Ukraine, 40 – Doctors of Medicine, 33 – professors, 73 – assistant professors, 109 – Candidates of Medical Sciences. At 27 departments of the three faculties of the academy, according to modern requirements multistage continuous training of medical personnel, introduced all kinds of postgraduate training of 62 medical specialties.

Zhytomyr College of Pharmacy

99, Chudnivska Str., Zhytomyr, 10005, Ukraine
+380 (412) 24-25-45

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The College provides training of highly qualified specialists according to the educational program 226 “Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy” (junior specialist, bachelor) in the provision of intramural and extramural forms of study; 224 “Laboratory Medicine” (junior specialist) in the provision of intramural form of study; advanced studies of junior pharmaceutical, medical specialists in the specialties “Pharmacy”, “Laboratory diagnostics”, “Medical and preventative”.

Zhytomyr Medical Institute

46/15, V. Berdychevska Str., Zhytomyr, 10002, Ukraine
+380 (412) 46-19-81 +380 (412) 43-08-91

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The Institute is headed by Rector Shatylo Victor, Doctor of Medicine, professor. The Institute trains medical specialists according to accredited specialties: Nursing: - nursing, - midwifery, - General Practice - Family Medicine. - external medicine, - organization and management of health care, - medical assistant; Public health: - public health; Technologies of medical diagnostics and treatment: - laboratory diagnostics; Physical therapy, ergotherapy: - physical therapy, ergotherapy; Dentistry: - dentistry, - Dentistry orthopedic. The establishment received the licence at giving the educational services in the sphere of higher education “Training the teachers of higher medical educational establishments”.

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