Оfficial support 2020

Оfficial support 2020

M. V. Stepanov,

Minister of Health of Ukraine

Dear organizers, participants and guests!
On behalf of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and myself, I sincerely congratulate you with the beginning of the XI International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations - the Nation’s Health"! Every year, representatives of the leading part of the industry meet at this platform, the common goal of which is to ensure the eff ective development and reform of the health care system in order to improve the quality of life and medical care of the population.
Today, it is extremely valuable to have a communication platform for open, professional discussion of topical, problematic health issues. The International Medical Forum is a landmark event that encourages development and self-improvement.
Having the opportunity, I would like to note that in certain areas of the medical field, Ukrainian specialists have a unique experience that is recognized at the European level. This is the thing that needs to move forward.
For example, two heart transplants were recently performed in Ukraine for the first time in 13 years. The key task of the Ministry of Health today is to create an AllUkrainian Coordination Center, which will provide opportunities for the search and selection of recipients and donors. In addition, an electronic transplant registry is ready, albeit in test mode. This electronic system will allow you to perform all search processes as quickly as possible. Earlier it was thought that transplantation could be performed only in Kyiv or Zaporizhia, but now there are many hospitals that want to get involved in the process. We send a lot of Ukrainian citizens abroad, although we have all the specialists and we have the opportunity to do it in Ukraine.
So, let's increase our level of knowledge and skills together in order to create decent working conditions, where specialists will be able to realize their professional potential to the fullest.
I am convinced that the Forum will inspire the participants and give a new impetus to the medical industry of Ukraine. Take an active part in scientifi c-practical events, pay special attention to the exhibitors. Your active position, your experience and your unique ideas will form the basis for the further development of Ukrainian medicine.
I wish all the participants of the Forum fruitful work, inexhaustible inspiration and new achievements!

R. M. Isaenko,

Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control

Dear colleagues!
Congratulations on the opening of the XI International Medical Forum “Innovations in Medicine - Health of the Nation”. I am very proud that such a large-scale event for healthcare professionals has been held in Ukraine for 11 consecutive years.
It should be noted that every year the organizers of the forum expand the scientifi c and practical program with new topical issues, attract more and more leading companies from Ukraine and abroad to present the exposition part of the event.
Ukraine has chances to be one of the leading countries in the production of quality medicinal products. Therefore, the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control implements the state policy with regard to quality control of medicinal products and medical devices and licensing of economic activity in the pharmaceutical market, in order to provide the population with quality medicinal products.
As part of the PHARMAExpo exhibition, the participating companies will present only the highest quality products on their stands: medicinal products, parapharmaceutical products, medical devices, therapeutic and prophylactic agents.
The International Medical Forum is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge, share experiences with colleagues, learn about current innovations in various segments of the health care system.
Therefore, colleagues, I wish all of you professional growth, constructive dialogue, new ideas and creative success!

Valentyna Hinzburh,

Head of Kyiv Municipal Health Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Dear participants of the 11th International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the Nation’s Health”!
I am glad to welcome you again in the capital of Ukraine – majestic Kyiv! Every year, observing the work of the Forum and having the honor of participating directly in professional communication on its sites, I note for myself the extraordinary opportunities that this event provides to physicians and all those involved in public health care.
Today, when the whole world is fi ghting to win the war against a dangerous virus, it is critically important to consolidate the intellectual eff orts of researchers, exchange experiences among medical practitioners and energy of those who move forward scientifi c and technological progress. I am sure that the 11th International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the Nation’s Health” will not only unite such professionals, but also become a place of strength and inspiration for them!
Good luck with your work, colleagues! Enjoy fruitful communication! Have useful meetings and professional discoveries!

V. Tsymbalyuk,

President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Academician

Dear colleagues!
On behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine I am happy to congratulate you on the opening of the 11th International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health” and 9th International medical congress “Introduction of medical science advances into healthcare practice in Ukraine”.
Medical science is becoming not only the basis but also the key to the initiated health reforms, which aim to create the system focused on the patient, effi cient in providing medical services for all Ukrainian citizens at the level of developed European countries. It is the foundation of the healthcare system.
That is why scientifi c institutions of the NAMS of Ukraine take an active part in the development of the research-to-practice programme of the Forum – 9th International medical congress “Introduction of medical science advances into healthcare practice in Ukraine”. The institutions will present the results of fundamental research and the latest scientifi c developments in the medical industry.
For many years International Medical Forum has become a powerful platform, where the conditions for the integrated approach to solving urgent problems of the medical industry are created.
The representatives from the government and local authorities, as well as domestic and foreign researchers and practitioners will be able to participate in the productive dialogue at conferences, seminars, round table discussions, workshops which will be held running during three operational days of the Forum.
Specialized exhibitions will call for a dialogue of the manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment, pharmaceutical products and the companies providing healthcare services.
I am convinced that this collaboration will facilitate the exchange of experience and provide the opportunity to resolve the most pressing issues of the health sector.
I wish all the guests and participants new useful contacts, productive discussions, successful and fruitful work!

Y. V. Voronenko,

Dr. habil. med., professor, academician of the NAMS of Ukraine, Rector of the P. L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Dear colleagues!
I cordially congratulate you on the beginning of the XI International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health” and IX International Medical Congress “Introduction of Modern Medical Science Advances into Healthcare Practice in Ukraine”.
The International Forum truly won recognition and respect from healthcare professionals, researchers, doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and medicated products. Full house of medical and pharmaceutical specialists, growing number of leading national and international speakers, and the number and geography of the exhibitors annually confi rm the high status of the event.
Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education – the leader that provides continuous professional training of specialists for the system of healthcare of Ukraine – completely supports quality educational initiatives and, as one of the organizers of the Forum, does everything possible to draw up the program of events which will be most useful for specialists and will meet the present day realities.
The Departments of the Academy and the Institute of Family Medicine take an active part in the formation of the scientifi c-practical program of the Forum, which is implemented in the framework of the International Medical Congress, where experts raise their skill level and stay in step with the latest scientifi c developments of our scientists. Within three days each specialist will have the unique opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies, test the quality medical equipment, and get familiar with new pharmaceutical products.
I wish guests and participants fruitful cooperation, professional communication, useful contacts and success in their further work for the benefi t of Ukrainian citizens’ health!

Yu. L. Kuchyn,

Rector of the Bogomolets National Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Dear colleagues!
I welcome all guests and participants of the 11th International Medical Forum “Innovation in Medicine – Health of the Nation” personally and on behalf of the Bogomolets National Medical University!
Being the leading higher medical educational institution of Ukraine, we consider the Forum primarily as an educational project. Therefore, our University is a coorganizer of this event of the unique format.
Over the years, the Forum has managed to achieve the impossible – to unite the representatives of international authorities, doctors of all spheres of medicine, scientists, manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products within one platform for constructive dialogue and searching for the solutions to urgent problems of disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment and modernization of the health care system in general.
Bogomolets National Medical University is the organizer of several conferences in various medical specialties as part of the 9th International Medical Congress, which is a scientifi c and practical base of the Forum. From year to year the scientifi c-practical program consolidates many healthcare professionals seeking to grow and learn new things.
At the exhibitions the visitors will get acquainted with modern medical equipment, instruments, consumables and pharmaceuticals.
I wish you all creative inspiration, new discoveries, achievements, success in the implementation of your ideas and good health!

I. M. Soroka,

President of Ukrainian Medical Club, Honoured Worker of Health Care of Ukraine

Dear organizers, participants and guests of the Forum!
On behalf of the Ukrainian Medical Club, the offi cial IMF partner, I am pleased to welcome you to the XI International Medical Forum "Innovation in Medicine — Health of the Nation"! It is extremely gratifying for me to join such a large-scale event aimed at building health care in Ukraine.
I am sure that all participants of the forum are united by a common goal, the desire to improve themselves while developing world medicine.
As the President of the Ukrainian Medical Club, I want to emphasize that our organization fully shares the goal and objectives of the event organizers. Together, we seek to unite the medical community to enhance the public status of health care professionals, take leadership positions in health care modernization, support information and professional health care professionals, and promote the introduction of new methods and technologies to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
I am pleased to see that many of the participants of the forum are industry executives, chief medical offi cers, representatives of medical business, professional medical community organizations and associations that are also members of the Ukrainian Medical Club.
It is very valuable that in Ukraine for 11 years we have an integrated professional platform for eff ective communication of the state, managers, health care practitioners, medical science, education and business. The International Medical Forum brings together professionals.
The challenges of the present moment inspire and motivate us to create and discuss eff ective national policies and health care system by the Ukrainian medical expert community. The International Medical Forum gives us this opportunity.
I wish you health, professional growth and an unforgettable experience from participating in the 2020 International Medical Forum!

I. V. Sysoienko,

President of the Ukrainian Association of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Health Resort

Dear organizers, participants and guests!
I congratulate you on the opening of the XІ International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations– the Nation’s Health” on behalf of the Ukrainian Association of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Health Resort!
Year after year, the forum has remained for me the long-awaited three-day crash course, the source of knowledge, cooperation, new acquaintances, and most importantly − the birthplace of the solutions for pressing issues of the healthcare industry.
Medical rehabilitation is one of the most important components of an eff ective health system. Regardless of whether a person has an acute or chronic disease that limits their functionality, or mental or physical trauma, rehabilitation should be available to all who need it. I can confi dently say that rehabilitation is the best investment in human health, which can not only prevent the disability, but make the person recover to enjoy a full and active life.
Together with the colleagues from the Ukrainian Association of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Health Resort, we promote the implementation of new medical specialities, the determination of the role of rehabilitation in the new legislation of Ukraine and the expansion of international cooperation with global organizations.
The scientifi c-practical conference “Rehabilitation medicine in the system of medical care” will be held as part of the forum. I invite everyone to join the discussions, share the ideas and experience.
I wish you all fruitful work at the forum, professional discoveries and inspiration.

O. B. Dynnyk,

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Medical Director of the Institute of Elastography, President of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Specialists (UAFUD), Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine (ARU), member of the ESR, EFSUMB, EASL

Dear colleagues and partners!
Our meeting at the famous informational platform has become a good tradition, where we all have become good friends! I want to warmly congratulate you on the beginning of the 11th International Medical Forum “Innovations in Medicine — Health of the Nation”!
Every visitor here will fi nd something to meet own needs, and will get any help they require provided by the professionals – medical experts (at lectures and workshops), manufacturers and suppliers of modern medical equipment, products and services.
Any expert will fi nd partners and interlocutors here, accumulate theoretical and practical knowledge, meet like-minded people and listen to opponents, join the new trends in the reorganization of the health system, test developments in the fi eld of IT programs and understand the latest news in healthcare legislation. The specialists in ultrasound and functional diagnostics will fi nd it interesting to run a kind of testdrive of the latest equipment for the institutions at various levels. Today minimalist solutions in the form of portable and hand-held ultrasound devices for use by general practitioners find their market.
For doctors-instrumentalists there are several important components to keep ahead: the availability of modern equipment, practical skills in working with this equipment and adequate clinical order. One of the key slogans of the UAFUD today is: “Having mastered new devices and technologies, an ultrasound specialist has help clinician customers achieve their own technological level.”
Our community of sonography professionals has the honour to invite you to participate in the All-Ukrainian National School of Ultrasound and Functional Diagnostics, which will be held in the framework of the Medical Forum. You will have the opportunity to improve your understanding of modern technology and your professional skills. The acquaintance with the current Guidelines and international protocols for ultrasound diagnostics of the World (WFUMB) and European (EFSUMB) Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology is among important issues. Modern trends are represented by minimally invasive intervention techniques, in particular those with Fusion navigation, 3D/4D reconstruction, elastography, steatometry of the liver, etc.). Moreover, the techniques of clinical diagnostics of microcirculation, telemedicine solutions for ECG and spirometry, remote monitoring of patients condition are essential.
This, in particular, solves the urgent problem of primary care doctors.
That is why after the School we are holding a School on the basic technologies of ultrasonic and functional diagnostics and FAST protocols for GPs. We will advise which diagnostic devices are better to purchase for the primary and the secondary care levels; will describe clinical situations in which GPs perform brilliantly on their own, and provide examples of conditions where it is better to engage specialized professionals and work in tandem. The key role of primary care doctors is in organizing and implementing the concept of screening for major non-contagious diseases of the mankind and conducting instrumental population diagnostics, in particular, Ukrainian expertise in the fi eld of early ultrasound diagnostics of such a dangerous condition as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its consequences.
Ultrasound and functional diagnostics are intended as the support for the clinician to make quick, informed and the only correct evidence-based medicine decision. We are looking forward to seeing you at our events! You will defi nitely fi nd them interesting, creative and useful!

T. M. Babkina,

Head of the Department of Radiodiagnostics of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Dear colleagues!
I welcome you at the yearly XI International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health”!
The profession of a doctor is the lifestyle that requires constant work, professional consolidation, strengthening and developing of relationships between specialists, despite the constant lack of time and challenges that we face today.
International Medical Forum has approved itself as the platform that allows us to share experience, establish business contacts and develop cooperation between medical institutions, manufacturing companies and distributors of medical equipment and medicines. The specialized exhibition, which is held within the forum, broadly sets radiology equipment on display, so experts can get acquainted on their own with the innovations of such products from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers, to evaluate the benefi ts of diff erent off ers. It is obvious that this cooperation will add to the stimulation of the development of medical radiology in Ukraine and will allow to elaborate new approaches towards the diagnostics and treatment of diseases.
Today, as never before, we must have advanced knowledge of innovative technologies, the latest diagnostic and treatment methods.
I wish you all high spirits, success and inspiration!

O. H. Shekera,

holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine, Professor, Academician of the NAS of Higher Education of Ukraine, President of the International PO “Public Health International Association”, Director of the Institute of Family Medicine of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Dear friends and colleagues!
I congratulate you sincerely on the opening of the XI International Medical Forum “Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation”!
Once again we meet at this large-scale event, which has earned recognition and respect from health professionals, scientists, doctors, pharmacists, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment. The high status of the International Medical Forum is annually confi rmed by the packed audience, growing number of leading Ukrainian and foreign speakers, and the number and geography of exhibits.
Primary medical care based on the principles of family medicine is one of the most effective strategies to improve the effi ciency of the health system on the whole and fair distribution and rational use of financial appropriations in the sphere. It is aimed at the solution of problems of maintenance and strengthening of health of the entire population of Ukraine.
The transformation of the health care system provides access to quality health services for all citizens. The same quality of services should be available at all levels of medical care: both in the clinic when asking for advice from a General practitioner, or a family doctor, and in the hospital when being rendered emergency care or medical care by the specialized doctors in the course of treatment and surgical interventions, in the course of rehabilitation or when receiving palliative care.
I invite you to join all the events dedicated to the World Day of the family doctor, and to take part in the sitting of all-Ukrainian school of ultrasound and functional diagnostics for family doctors.
I hope to continue our partnership, to exchange experience and ideas in new projects.
I want to wish everyone successful work, lively discussions, effi cient decisions and interesting proposals!

Tetiana Chernyshenko,

President of the Association of Nurses of Ukraine

Dear colleagues!
The Association of Nurses of Ukraine sincerely congratulates you on the opening of the XI International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health”!
It is of primary importance to keep abreast of all novelties and innovations in the medical sphere. This medical forum is another step in our continuous professional development giving us the opportunity to gain new skills and broaden our professional knowledge.
At the end of last year, Ukraine supported the initiative of the World Health Organization, according to which 72th General Assembly of the WHO adopted the Resolution declaring 2020 as the International Year of Nursing. Certainly, this is a step forward for the development of nursing.
As a matter of priority, the government should take care of those who guard the health of citizens, improving the conditions and remuneration of health workers.
The importance of the work of the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, technicians is recognized in every country of the world, especially in the period of the coronavirus pandemic and combat. In fact, risking their lives, health care workers bring back to life those people who really need their assistance! Therefore our society, experiencing a quarantine crisis, is ever better aware that health workers do not provide services but medical assistance, saving the lives of Ukrainians! There is nothing more important in the world than the preservation of human life!
Nursing is an integral and very important aspect in achieving the global goal of providing accessible and quality health care.
We invite nurses to join the NURSING SCHOOL. I am convinced that this meeting will give a powerful impetus to the development of partnerships, will contribute to establishing business contacts, improving the professional training of nurses and exchanging of experience.
I wish you all success, fruitful cooperation and implementation of creative ideas!

V. Tkachenko,

Director General of LMT Group of companies

Dear Participants and Guests!
On behalf of the LMT company I sincerely congratulate you with start of the XI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations - the Nation’s Health”, IX International Medical Congress and IX International Exhibition of Medical and sanitary Tourism, SPA&Wellness - Healthcare Travel Expro.
I’m so proud that this forum touches your hearts for 11 years. With participants looking for self-perfection we also have a progress. The fi xed aims of International Medical Forum are to impress, to inspire, to motivate and to give new knowledge, resources and useful materials.
Despite the threat which has eff ected the world and Ukraine itself, I want to thank endlessly our great team of the LMT group, true partners-organisers, business, all of the not indiff erent people; everybody who supported our event by a word or a deed, made eff orts for medical group to be able to grow professionally and to improve even in such a diffi cult time.
Today as relevant as ever to work harder and to fi ght for workers of health care rights, the rights of those who persistently save lives of our people in spite of their own lives threats!
Without any qualms our doctors fi ght with invisible disease for the patients’ lives. I want to say a great thank you to all the medical workers for a devotion to their work.
For thousands of saved lives! You are our heroes. The heroes for today and forever! I am sincerely grateful to our permanent partners-organizers: the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, and our co-organizer - Bogomolets National Medical University. I am sincerely thankful to our General Partner - CANON, to offi cial partner - Ukrainian Medical Club - to its ambassador of forum - mister Soroka Ivan, to organizers of research-to-practical programme of the congress, to the directors of NAMS institutions of Ukraine, head of department of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, to the presidents of professional associations. These are true friends who can help always in the difficult times.
I am also extremely grateful to the public authorities, which have been supporting our events for many years in a row. Your help is really important for us.
My special gratitude goes to business companies for their support and big contribution to the exhibitions development. I am also thankful to you, our dear guests. Your desire to develop professionally and faith in a better future of home medicine is a signifi cant contribution to the industry formation.
According to a classical writer words: “In dark times it is well visible light people”. I’m happy that the International Medical Forum and Congress have a lot of true friends, real partners and light people with whom we have been achieving our goals for many years and will continue to conquer new heights.
I wish the partners, participants, organizers of the events and our guests good health, fruitful cooperation, professional communication and useful contacts!
Let all these three days of Forum benefit you!

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