Оfficial support 2019

Оfficial support 2019

O.V. Bohomolets,

Chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Public Health people's deputy of Ukraine

To organizers, participants and guests of the X International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations — the Nation's Health"
Dear collegues!
I sincerely welcome you at the opening ceremony of the X International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations — the Nation's Health"!
Your representative forum is an important event for the medical community of Ukraine. Thanks to its reputation gained among national and international healthcare experts for last ten years, the International Medical Forum has become an independent platform for fruitful dialogue between the state, science and business.
Every year this event serves as a platform for fruitful discussions on the most pressing issues relating to the implementation of state healthcare policy, the improvement of quality and accessibility of medical care services, the regulations of professional activity, professional self-government and constant professional development.
I am convinced that in the context of chaotic changes in the healthcare system, insufficient cooperation between the executive power and the medical community and the lack of a comprehensive strategy for healthcare development, such events have a significant effect on the further development of the national healthcare system and reduce risks of making wrong management decisions.
I believe that this year the forum will demonstrate a sincere and open dialogue between the representatives of authorities and doctors in order to achieve our common goal – be a healthy and happy nation, have an effective and transparent healthcare system, high-quality and available medical care.
I wish you inexhaustible energy, fruitful teamwork and good mood. Work hard, dream bravely, act wisely! As Theodore Roosevelt said "Believe you can and you are halfway there".

I. V. Sysoienko,

people's deputy of Ukraine,
deputy chairperson of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Public Health

I sincerely welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the Tenth International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations — the Nation's Health"!
The most important thing is that within the framework of this Forum we have opportunity to systematically analyze the changes in the healthcare system and define directions for its strategic development, including organization and management and introduction of modern medical innovations.
The healthcare system could hardly be overestimated. For this reason so sensitive industry needs highly-qualified personnel, in particular senior managers. The leading role of effective management is about reducing the effect of risks on the healthcare system, starting from the national management of the industry to the management of a certain healthcare institution.
The reform of the healthcare and educational systems being implemented at the legislative level has gradually changed the situation for the better. This applies especially to the autonomy of medical institutions as their managers are accountable for organizing public health service.
The introduction of a new funding model for public health care requires fundamental changes in the relationship between a provider of medical services and its customer — the National Health Service of Ukraine. The command and administration model should be replaced by a contract model for all kinds of medical services by January the 1st, 2020.
It means that all relations will be regulated by medical services contracts that determine exact criteria of funding. We already can see the first positive results in primary care, in particular, the raise in wages of health care providers.
Personally, I have challenging tasks to create conditions to improve the quality and access to healthcare and to introduce innovative medical technologies. Therefore, it is important to introduce in Ukraine an assessment model for medical technologies that allow to take well-considered decisions by participants of the healthcare system to use resources rationally to introduce innovative medical technologies. And this allows to provide accessibility, to improve the quality and efficiency of medical services for patients and also prevents corruption in the medicine procurement and the provision of medical services.
The subjects for discussion at the International Medical Forum are extremely pressing, which proves the necessity for an open dialogue between the representatives of the healthcare system and the authorities for the implementation of progressive initiatives.
The health promotion, disease prevention and effective treatment are the most important conditions for the protection and improvement of welfare of each person and society as a whole. Cooperation and partnership are essential, which defines the differentiate role and responsibility for the healthcare of all its participants.
I wish you good health, a constructive dialogue, new ideas and fruitful work!

S. I. Berezenko,

People's deputy of Ukraine,
Member of Verkhovna Rada Healthcare Committee

Dear participants of the X Anniversary International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations — Nation’s Health"!
I am honored to congratulate you on the beginning of one of the largest events for the medical community!
The overwhelming majority of you might have been already involved in a significant transformation of the domestic healthcare system, while some might have already seen its benefits.
Like any matter of great concern, the medical reform cannot be done in a day, a month or even a year since the reform introduces new, fundamentally different approaches and changes the system of values and principles of interaction between healthcare professionals and patients. Step by step, we are approaching European standards, and our medical institutions become more comfortable and better equipped. Of course, we have to face mistakes, missteps, legal conflicts, legislative gaps, and even some artificially created populist barriers on the way of reforming our healthcare system.
That is why I would like to encourage you all to have a dialogue at the Forum — to communicate, share your opinion and ideas, and, probably, hear just criticism.
Let's think globally and join our efforts because we are all responsible for the future of Ukrainian medicine!
I wish you professional growth and communication that will inspire you to new achievements, and I hope you have a wonderful experience at the International Medical Forum!

Pavlo Kovtoniuk,

Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine

I welcome all participants of the X International Medical Forum!
During the decades the public and private sectors of the healthcare system operated separately from each other, with less cooperation. I am very happy that in 2018 we have succeeded in changing it.
Currently, thousands of municipal institutions and hundreds of private clinics and medical centers cooperate with the National Health Service of Ukraine to provide citizens with high-quality primary medical assistance.
I am convinced that this is the only beginning of cooperation in the framework of transformation of the healthcare system.
We witness the emergence of a real market of medical services in Ukraine — oriented to welfare of patients and professional development of doctors. The market making no difference between private and public centers, artificial barriers and soviet bureaucracy. The market where a patient chooses a provider and receives highquality assistance.
New market conditions require new leadership for the industry. The cooperation with the National Health Service of Ukraine requires rational use of resources and implementation of effective procedures within a medical center. I am glad that there are platforms like the International Medical Forum where experts engaged in public and private sectors may exchange their experience and case studies.
CHIEF PHYSICIAN SHOOL is of particular note. I hope that this initiative will be a platform where proactive managers of medical institutions may find answers to the question: "How to succeed in the reformed healthcare system?"
We have a lot of work to do. In 2019 we are launching new electronic tools: medical information card, prescription, referral forms, sickness certificates. The provision of specialized medical care in hospitals and medical centers will be funded according to new rules.
It will be a difficult way, but we cannot choose other option. Let's move on together.

Roman Ilyk,

Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine

Dear collegues, I welcome you at the opening ceremony of the X International Medical Forum!
We live in the extremely hard and interesting time. Last year the transformation of the industry seemed to be an unachievable goal, but now it is not just taking shape, but we can see the first results in primary care. In 2020 the changes will be implemented at all levels of medical services supply.
In addition to the financing approach, we are also changing the medicines and medical products supply chain, improving the reimbursement system and working on the best provision of hospitals with medicines. We are developing an electronic healthcare system, implementing an electronic prescription and other electronic documents. We are reforming the system of medical education of Ukraine, developing the system of transplantation, promoting the prevention measures, in particular vaccination.
We are happy with our achievements, but focus on next goals.
We have a lot of work to do. The quality of the Ukrainian healthcare industry in 2, 5, 10 years depend on our personnel responsibility, readiness to cooperate and improve to build a new model oriented to each citizen of Ukraine.
For 10 years in a row the International Medical Forum has become a platform for communication and discussion of pressing issues. Get involved into an open and professional discussion relating to the transformation of the healthcare system. We have a common goal and unique opportunity to create an effective healthcare model.

R. M. Isaenko,

Head of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control

Dear colleagues!
I sincerely welcome participants and guests of the X International Medical Forum.
I am very happy to take part in the event that unites the Ukrainian medical community: doctors, researchers, heads of healthcare institutions, IT developers, manufacturers and suppliers of drugs and medical supplies.
Recently, the Ukrainian healthcare system has been reformed. Alongside the healthcare reform, the work on the improvement of the pharmaceutical supply system has continued. It is the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control that implements the state policy on medications and drugs quality control and licensing pharmaceutical activity. And I am glad that the Organization and Management in Pharmacy is one of the priorities of the Forum, where several events for manufactures of pharmaceutical products will take place.
We have a lot of work to do. So, get involved, give your assistance and proposals, share your experience as we have a common goal and a unique chance to create a really effective pharmaceutical supply system for the Ukrainian people!
See you at the events dedicated to the scientific agenda of the X International Medical Forum!
I wish you fruitful work and interesting meetings!

Valentyna Hinzburg,

Director of the Healthcare Department of Kyiv,
Dr.habil. med.

Dear friends!
In the tenth year the participants of the International Medical Forum Medicine Innovations — the Nation's Health" have gathered together in the best city in the world to join their creative, research and professional potential for the development of medicine!
It is not the first time when I am honored to take part in the Forum, so, from my experience, I may say that this is the most prestigious platform for experts who dedicated their lives to the medical science, practical medicine and medical education!
I am absolutely convinced that you all, both permanent guests and those who have joined us for the first time, have one common feature. The willingness to improve yourselves by improving the global medicine. That very reasonable perfectionism, in my opinion, is a real driver, motive power of any development and movement.
Therefore, on behalf of the Healthcare Department of Kyiv I wish you, distinguished participants of the Forum, to achieve your agenda and get benefits and enjoy new findings, exciting and inspiring meetings, communication with like-minded people and acquired knowledge!

Borys Y. Paton,

President, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine NASU Academician

Dear colleagues!
I am glad to congratulate you on the start of the X Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine Innovations — the Nation’s Health”!
A truly unique event, this Medical Forum helps its participants use fundamental knowledge to solve extremely challenging tasks in medicine from the development of innovative pharmaceuticals and devices to the implementation of “the technology of tomorrow”.
In my opinion, it is the open dialogue and systematic cooperation between innovators and experts who apply innovations in practice to drive the development of national science.
I would like to note, not without pride, that the institutions within the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine have proposed many developments for the healthcare industry, including in particular a family of electrostimulation devices with biological feedback to restore movements and speech in patients suffered from severe nervous system disorders, such as stroke, infantile cerebral paralysis and others, and more than 15 thousand patients have already benefited from such therapy.
More than 150 procedures in abdominal surgery, traumatology, pulmonology, proctology, mammology, gynecology, otolaryngology, and ophthalmology are based on our domestic revolutionary technology of electric welding of living soft tissues which significantly reduces blood loss and improves wound healing. More than 200 thousand surgeries have been successfully done so far.
I believe that these achievements are just the beginning of a global era of developments and do hope that the Ukrainian government will eventually provide our research community with tangible support so our scientists could realize their creative potential as full as possible.
I wish you many interesting projects and professional discussions to lay down the strong basis for groundbreaking changes!

V. Tsymbaliuk,

President and Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,

Dear colleagues!
On behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (NAMS), I am glad to congratulate you on the opening of the X Anniversary International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations— Nation’s Health".
As a co-organizer, NAMS sees its mission in familiarizing practitioners with the achievements of our highly skilled and authoritative professional community and in promoting the development of the national health system.
Most NAMS institutions have joined the development of the scientific and practical program of the Forum— the VIII International Medical Congress "Introduction of Modern Medical Science Advances into Healthcare Practice in Ukraine". Medical science becomes not only a foundation but also a key success factor for the reforms initiated in the domestic healthcare sector to develop a patient-oriented system that could provide medical care for all Ukrainian citizens at the level of developed EU member states.
Over the years, the International Medical Forum has become the most powerful platform that provides a good background for the development of a comprehensive approach to address current healthcare issues.
Representatives of national government and local authorities and domestic and foreign scientists and doctors will take part in a constructive dialogue at conferences, seminars, round-table discussions, and master classes held as part of this year's Congress. Specialized exhibitions will bring together manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and providers of healthcare services.
I believe that medical specialists will get most and enhance their professional level by attending Forum events and get acquainted with the latest medical equipment, instruments, and products by visiting specialized exhibitions.
I congratulate the participants, organizers, and guests of the International Medical Forum on the X anniversary and wish fruitful work, networking, and success in their professional activities!!

Y. V. Voronenko,

Dr. habil. med., professor,
academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine,
Rector of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Distinguished participants and guests, I sincerely congratulate you with the beginning of the Forum!
Spring is not only awakening of nature and sunny mood, but it is time for the International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations— the Nation's Health"!
It is a special event in the medical events schedule. It is a wonderful communication platform, a great opportunity to meet with extraordinary people and multi-disciplinary experts, a considerable exhibition that allows to test a state of the art equipment and learn more how to use it.
The Shupyka National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education as a source of manpower for the healthcare system of Ukraine absolutely supports high-quality educational initiatives. The International Medical Forum is an excellent example of how to keep in steps with the facts of life during the organization of similar programs.
Due to the lack of time and busy schedule practicing physicians have less opportunities to visit long-lasting conferences and workshops. And the dynamic and multi-faceted format of the Forum and clear subject matters of panels and "quintessence of knowledge", which relates to the changes in the legislation, management of medical institutions, protocols, requirements to equipment, allow the participants to learn more about the current novelties in different segments of the healthcare system.
I would like to announce that with the support of the Shupyka National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education the following subject matter will be discussed within the framework of the VIII International Medical Congress "The Introduction of Modern Medical Science Advances into Healthcare Practice in Ukraine": innovative developments for prevention, diagnostics and treatment that will be put into the domestic medical practice in the upcoming years. We will also focus on the changes in the medical education system.
I congratulate guests and organizers with the tenth anniversary of the International Medical Forum! May this wonderful spring tradition of the medical community to meet and communicate continue!

Prof. H. Luniova,

President, Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine

Dear participants and guests of our Research & Practical Conference!
On behalf of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine and my behalf, I would like to congratulate you on the beginning of the Research & Practical Conference "New clinical-diagnostic solutions and advanced analytical technologies" held with the involvement of our international partners as part of the X Anniversary International Medical Forum " Medicine Innovations — Nation’s Health".
The program of the Research & Practical Conference was developed in close cooperation with the Chair of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics at the National P. L. Shupyk Medical Academy, the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine, and the European experts in laboratory medicine.
The International Medical Forum is the venue for the research and practical conference, master classes, exhibition events, and specialized expositions and serves as an international platform where specialists in laboratory medicine can share their experience and improve their qualification. The Conference will be attended by leading experts in laboratory medicine from Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Poland, and Germany. The European expertise in using laboratory testing in modern evidence-based medicine and analytical validation of clinical laboratory studies will be a particular focus of the Conference. The plenary sessions will also discuss the clinical and modern diagnostic aspects of systemic osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, vascular endothelial dysfunction, immune status in vaccinations and allergic diseases, and algorithms for assessing male fertility.
It will be crucial to exchange the experience of specialists in laboratory medicine in the field of instrumental therapeutic monitoring of medicinal products using high-performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry detection, as well as digitalization of medical laboratories by broader use of laboratory information systems.
The primary objective of the Conference is to develop a unified approach and to consolidate our efforts to provide people with affordable and high-quality laboratory services.
I hope that this research forum will serve as a source of professional knowledge for specialists of laboratory medicine, will facilitate the exchange of information and experience and will help the participants to develop a fresh approach to the most urgent issues of laboratory medicine.
I wish the organizers and all the participants of the Conference to keep going and focus their talents and expertise to further develop and boost laboratory medicine.
I wish you strong health, many creative ideas and success, faithful friends and colleagues.

T.A. Yalynska,

MD, head of the Radiation Diagnostics Department, SD «Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine»,
associate professor of the Radiation Diagnostics Department Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education President of the Ukrainian Association of Radiology,
a member of the expert team to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in radiology, ultrasonic diagnostics, radiation treatment, x-ray radiography, radionuclide diagnostics

Dear organizers, participants and guests of the Forum!
I welcome you at the opening ceremony of the X International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations— the Nation's Health"!
Every year this Forum brings together lead healthcare experts, foreign researchers, producers of medical equipment and creates conditions for constructive dialogue.
Such meetings allow doctors in different specialties to exchange their experience, and healthcare managers may discuss all relevant issues, find solutions required.
The companies actively engaged strengthen and extend cooperation with practitioners.
Undoubtedly, the development of radiology (X-ray radiography, ultrasonic diagnostics, СT, MRT), nuclear medicine (radionuclide diagnostics) and radiologic oncology (radiation treatment) requires a multidisciplinary approach to current issues of the industry. Modern methods and techniques cannot be introduced without developing technological potential of medical institutions.
I am deeply convinced that the Forum will stimulate the development of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiologic oncology in Ukraine and will allow to improve the approaches to diagnostics and treatment of diseases.
I wish all participants of the exhibition a fruitful cooperation, positive impressions and inspiration for achieving new goals.

O.B. Dynnyk,

Candidate of Medical Sciences,
Chief Physician at the Institute of Elastography,
President at the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostics (UAUD),
Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine (ARU), ESR/EASL member

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners!
I am happy to congratulate you on the start of the 10th Anniversary International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations— Nation’s Health"!
Each of you, who have at least once visited this event, knows that this is an excellent informational platform for all healthcare professionals. Here you can expand your theoretical and practical knowledge, meet like-minded people, dispute, talk with IT developers, learn about recent legislative initiatives in medicine, and test novel ultrasound and functional diagnostic equipment designed for medical institutions operating in various settings.
As a practitioner, I understand perfectly well that both modern equipment at medical institutions and staff knowing how such equipment functions and can correctly interpret and present test and assessment results are equally important in our everyday practice. Therefore, I would like to invite you to attend the All-Ukrainian School of Ultrasound & Functional Diagnostics that will work as part of the Forum at MEDZOOM Zone. The School will help you to improve your practical skills and learn about the latest innovations and ultrasound diagnostics protocols used in foreign medical practice.
In a simple and easy-to-understand manner, we will teach you how to apply modern technologies in practice (such as WFUMB and EFSUMB protocols and guidelines, interventions using Fusion Navigation, 3D/4D reconstruction, elastography, liver steatometry, etc.). Clinical diagnostics of microcirculation, telemedicine-based solutions in ECG and spirometry, and patient monitoring are also important technologies.
By the way, the School is designed not only for medical specialists, such as experts in ultrasound and functional diagnostics, but for family doctors too. We will advise you which diagnostic devices would be better to buy for the primary and secondary care settings; describe clinical situations where family doctors can efficiently manage patient's condition on their own and where it would be better to team up with other medical specialists.
Instrumental diagnostics must serve clinicians to make the right decision as quickly as practically possible.
We are looking forward to seeing you! Join us for an exciting, dynamic, and empowering experience!

Prof. T. I. Havrylenko,

Chief Specialist in Laboratory Diagnostics of the NAMS of Ukraine,
Vice President of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine,
Head of NAMS Interinstitutional Laboratory Reference Center

Dear guests of the X Anniversary International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations — Nation’s Health"!
Every year, the medical community awaits this event with joy and genuine interest.
Every year, the Forum invites new speakers, launches new locations, and presents new technology. Scientific events expand. But the high-level organization and the warm, friendly atmosphere remain the same.
Another distinctive feature of the International Medical Forum is that the discussions are always just-in-time and unbiased and take into account the world experience which is extremely important given Ukraine's integration into the European community, harmonization of legislation, and radical reforms of the healthcare sector.
Today, the development of a unified approach and the consolidation of efforts aimed at introducing a quality assurance system in laboratories of each region of the country and accreditation of medical laboratories are vital tasks for the laboratory sector. It will be a guarantee of providing affordable and high-quality laboratory services to the people. Presentations of leading speakers will give rise to discussions of urgent issues, while comprehensive solutions for medical and research laboratories will be presented at MEDICAEXPO International Healthcare Exhibition.
So, I sincerely wish all the participants the inspiration, wisdom, fruitful work, balanced approach in decision-making and courage in implementing your decisions!

V.Y. Tkachenko,

General Director at LMT

Distinguished participants and guests!
On behalf of company LMT I welcome you at the X International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations— the Nation's Health", the VIII International Medical Congress "The Introduction of Modern Medical Science Advances into Healthcare Practice in Ukraine" and the International Forum "Healthcare Management"!
The healthcare reform in Ukraine is under progress. The changes concern officials, researchers, doctors and medical personnel, companies producing healthcare products and providing appropriate services, patients.
Therefore, the organizers of the International Medical Forum believe that their mission is to create conditions for fruitful dialogue between all participants of this process.
We generate ideas, monitor the domestic information field, analyze the previous remarks and examine the international experience to improve the format of the Forum, to offer an exclusive and various scientific agenda, to give you an opportunity to hear and see new things, to learn useful information and discuss the current issues.
This year the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, the Bogomolets National Medical University, government institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, medical associations and private companies, in addition to the traditional events, have prepared seminars on the introduction of modern information technologies, round tables on legal issues related to the activities of private and public medical centers, events dedicated to the provision of high-quality primary medical care and many others.
I sincerely appreciate the organizers of the Forum, the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. They have made the greatest efforts to make all days of the Forum as beneficial as possible for each visitor.
I am extremely grateful to the authorities that support our events on an annual basis, coorganizers, professional associations, partners as their assistance is very important.
I would like to express my particular gratitude to business for its support and active part in exhibitions and events.
I hope that this meeting will be more interesting and agreeable, you will get useful professional contacts, master new technologies and learn how to make your daily activities more efficient, comfortable and profitable. I hope that stories about errors made by other people will help you to make conclusions and choose a correct strategy, and success stories will inspire you and give forces to accomplish great things.
We are proud that 100000 experts from throughout Ukraine and foreign countries have visited the Forum since its creation. More than 5000 distinguished speakers have shared their experiences and valuable advice.
Together, we have come a difficult, but interesting and eventful way. I think that the most interesting things are yet to come.
We know where to go and sincerely believe that you will stay with us.

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