Оfficial support 2015

Оfficial support 2015


O.V. Bohomolets

Chairman of the Committee on Public Health of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

Dear participants of the Forum
On behalf of the Committee on Health Care of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine I congratulate you on the beginning of a major event in health care - VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
The events that shook our country affected healthcare sector. Our scientists and doctors have become a reliable rear, demonstrated patriotism and commitment. Today, military doctors and volunteers feel the need for knowledge and skills that would help to save and bring back to life our soldiers.
This time the Forum has an important mission - to conduct scientific and practical activities on military medicine, to spread current methods and techniques among healthcare professionals who face treatment of combat injuries, wounds, burns and other injuries sustained during a fight.
Workshops on tactical medicine will be of great importance. Everyone can learn how to provide first aid in actual field conditions which will be reproduced during the training.
I am grateful to healthcare professionals who gather today at the Forum, because dozens of lives will be saved by each of you.
I wish you all fortitude and peace!

Oleksandr Kvitashvili

Minister of Health of Ukraine

Dear Forum Participants!
I am glad to welcome you on behalf of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine at VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”!
Forum is a grand event in the field of healthcare. The event multiplies the domain of the industry, contributes to the competent dialogue and development of common views on the future of medicine.
The topic of the scientific and practical program indicates the correctly chosen priorities, aspirations of the experts to contribute to transformation of the healthcare system of Ukraine.
It's important that the event lets the government representatives, scientists, doctors, businesses and all those being a part of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, to sit at one table with no prejudice and build communication bridges, learn about existing problems, solve them together.
Today experts will face discussions on strategic issues in insurance medicine, development of constructive suggestions that can be implemented in future. Military medicine will also be the central topic of this year's Forum and will be presented by a number of unique events providing specialists with the life-saving knowledge and new skills.
I am deeply convinced that the results of the Forum will help to improve the practice of medical care in Ukraine.

A. M. Serdyuk

President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Dear colleagues, participants and guests of the Forum!
I am glad to congratulate you on behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine on the opening of the VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”!
Holding the Forum is not just a good tradition, but also a professional duty of scientists, doctors, representatives of professional associations and institutions that get together to address issues related to the industry, improving the sphere of health care in general.
Organisers of the event have made every effort to create the background for uniting capabilities and resources of science, technology and business.
The event allows you to learn the achievements of domestic and foreign medicine, showcase your projects, share experiences and technologies, establish professional contacts, attract investors.
This year, the institutions of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine will introduce specialists that will come to the Forum, their great scientific potential, high level of fundamental and applied researches. Diversity of research and practice events, workshops will arouse interest and find tangible embodiment in the specialists' work.
I am sure that the busy research and practice and business program of the Forum will contribute to implementation of scientific findings by the health care institutions, improvement of providing medical care in Ukraine.
I wish you all health, success, constructive confrontations and fruitful acquaintances!

Yurii Voronenko

Rector of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Dear participants and visitors of Forum!
I congratulate you sincerely on the opening of the VІ International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations– the Nation’s health”!
International Medical Forum level is higher from year to year. The best representatives of health care are gathered together under its auspices.
This year will go down in the history of the event, because P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education became one of Forum organizers.
A new round of our business relationships allowed us to demonstrate the great scientific and applied potential of Academy, to establish the new educational programs for health professionals.
It is for the first time when 16 Departments of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education together choose Forum to conduct their own symposia, scientific and practical conferences, tutorials to give the possibility for specialists to improve their skills and remain in the epicentre of the Academy scientists' latest scientific developments.
Actual information presented at the Forum will allow scientists and physicians to implement new ideas in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients as early as tomorrow.
Specialists will also have the unique opportunity to learn more about the latest technologies, test the quality medical equipment, get familiar with new pharmaceutical products.
I wish everyone a fruitful communication, implementation of plans and interesting offers!

B.Ye. Paton

President of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine

Dear colleagues, participants and guests of the Forum!
I congratulate you cordially on the beginning of the VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health!” Social and economic, demographic and spiritual potential of a country are integral parts of developed medicine.
Today health care industry requires continuous improvement, introduction of new methods in the prophylactic practice, diagnostics and disease treatment. Specialists should quickly adapt to new situations, constantly “keeping abreast” discoveries, borrow all the best of foreign and domestic achievements.
International Medical Forum is the professional platform, giving participants the opportunity to share experiences, establish a professional dialogue, demonstrate own high-tech developments, make a contribution to the process of modernization of health care of Ukraine, and for specialists-visitors - improve their skills.
Within the framework of the Forum, The National Academy of Science of Ukraine institutions will present the leading technologies and the latest equipment.
Participation of scientists as well as manufacturers and businessmen in these events will accelerate the application of Academy researches results in the corresponding health care structures that will improve treatment methods and expand professional relations of scientists and corresponding health care structures.
I wish all of you the good health and professional achievements!

Vitalii Klychko

Head Kyiv City State Administration

Dear participants and guests of the Forum
Let me congratulate you on behalf of the Kyiv community on the beginning of the VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health!” The last year which was crucial for Ukraine has shown how selfless and important work of a professional doctor can be. This results in thousands of saved lives of our soldiers and hope for their families.
It is at these events that formed the agenda and key solutions to complex problems in the health sector, especially in the context of medical reform which has started in Kyiv. The quality, accessibility and efficiency of health care has to become a key in the relations of doctor and patient.
I believe that during the Forum domestic and foreign experts will have the opportunity not only to exchange experiences but also become generators of new ideas for the development of medicine and welfare of patients.
I wish you good health, fruitful discussions and new professional achievements!

K.M. Amosova

Rector of Bogomolets National Medical University

Dear Colleagues!
On behalf of Bogomolets National Medical University, I congratulate all the guests on the opening of the VІ International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations– the Nation’s health”!
Over the years since opening, the Forum managed to achieve the impossible – unite the representatives of international authorities, doctors of all spheres of medicine, scientists, manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products on one platform for constructive dialogue and searching for the solutions to urgent problems of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of diseases and modernization of the health care system in general.
The prime example of the importance of the event for the whole country is the activity of organizers, geography of participants and visitors of the International Medical Forum, who are not simply thinking about the future of medicine, but also willing to contribute to the creation of the future. Alma mater of many Ukrainian doctors – Bogomolets National Medical University – is the co-organizer of scientific and practical program of the Forum that every year consolidates many health care professionals willing to develop and learn new things.
This year we expect professional and unique specialized exhibitions of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, at which you will be able to learn the latest advances in science, practical medicine and pharmaceuticals, to share experiences and to make new professional contacts and partnerships.
I wish all of you good health, inspiration, new discoveries, achievements, successful implementation of plans, progress in the running projects!

V.O. Rohozhyn

President of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine

Dear associates!
I am happy to congratulate you on behalf of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine on the opening of VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”!
International Medical Forum is the great event of Ukrainian health care industry. Well-thought-out scientific and practical programme as well as exhibition part made this event the traditional place for meeting of all medicine branches professionals from different regions of Ukraine and foreign countries.
Today the Forum is also known thanks to the special medical programme “Medical Radiology”, which unites the leading field experts – scientists, practicing physicians, manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, at the one platform.
Taking into account that medical radiology is the field that requires constant improvement of specialists’ knowledge and professional qualification at the level of international standards, the organizers conduct actual events and workshops with modern equipment every year.
Forum allows to develop the common goals, take the comprehensive approach to solving the problems and define strategic field directions to its participants and visitors.
I am strongly convinced that acquired knowledge and skills will find their practical application in scientists, radiographers and radiologists, ultrasound and functional testing doctors, educators and other health care specialists’ professional activity.
I wish Forum long and fruitful years of work, always remain the priority of the medical community and set the new trends!

O.B. Dynnyk

President of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasonic Diagnostics Specialists, Chief out-of-staff Specialist of the MHC of Ukraine by speciality of “Ultrasonic Diagnostics”

Dear participants and guests of the International Medical Forum 2015!
Life and health is undoubtedly the higher values of civilization. New challenges for health care system (HCS) of Ukraine are issued by time and “HCS Reforming Strategy”, which was declared recently at the state level. Ultrasonic diagnostics, which touches practically all clinical fields, can not ignore the time challenges. War - traumatic epidemic and widespread adoption of ultrasound FAST-protocol is that what saves the lives. Political and economic and social disturbances require directing the efforts of medicine in general and Ultrasonic diagnostics in particular to identify and support the most common infectious and non-infectious diseases: diffuse liver disease (hepatitis, fatty disease, toxic and autoimmune damages), tumor and non-tumoral processes in mamma, thyroid and prostate, problems of women's and men's health, diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous and musculoskeletal systems.
Thanks to the latest technological achievements, ultrasonic diagnostics become one of the leading directions in solving these problems. Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostics Specialists support actively International Medical Forum 2015 as an important event in the information field of modern medicine of Ukraine. Ultrasonic industry demonstrates the achievements of world and national science and technology at the exhibition stands, schools and workshops. Ultrasonic diagnostics has the great role for health care system, especially in the development of family and private medicine.
Today, ultrasonic diagnostics can affect the endpoints and quality of life of the patients with the most part of the mentioned nosology. It is necessary to note the current trend of development - Elastography.
Elastography modes (compression and rotational wave) enable the digital instrumental “remote palpation of organs” to determinate the tissue stiffness qualitatively and quantitatively that is diagnostically important information. Elastography allows objectify data about fibrosis, steatosis and cirrhosis, remodeling and myocardial sclerosis of the arteries and make the detection, differential diagnosis and monitoring of treatment effectiveness of tumors much easier. In particular it is introduced to BIRADS and ThyRADS categories.
It is important to test, approve and implement the national reports of performance of the full range of ultrasonic techniques, industry information, as well as remote consulting, development of network thinking and communication of specialists through Ukrainian portal of ultrasonic diagnostics www.ultrasound.net.ua.
We wish clinicians and specialists of ultrasonic diagnostics communication in format of ultrasound equipment stand presentations, lectures and workshops at Medical Forum 2015 became the source of mastering the new techniques, getting professional knowledge and achievements.

G.G. Luniova

President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, professor

Dear participants and guests of the research and practice conference!
Let me, on behalf of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine and on my own behalf, congratulate you sincerely on the beginning of the work of the research and practice conference with international participation “Laboratory diagnosis in medical diseases clinic” within the framework of the VI International Medical Forum and specialized exhibition of laboratory equipment.
Clinical laboratory diagnostics is one of the directions that are most intensively developed on the modern stage. Laboratory Medicine has high knowledge content. New fundamental discoveries in biology and medicine, new technologies and equipment help to improve the role of laboratory diagnostics in medicine. Modern clinical laboratory consumes totally about 5 % from general expenses of health care, provides objective diagnostic information important for 65-70 % of medical solutions. In many critical situations laboratory results have life-saving value, while preventive and forecasting potential of clinical laboratory researches, in general, are not evaluated completely.
The conference program will pay special attention to scientific achievements in the practise of laboratory diagnostics of oncohematology, medical diseases, gynaecological oncology. The roundtable discussion will be held on the subject of improving professional training of laboratory medicine specialists.
The main conclusion of the discussion at the conference should be the formation of a common platform for actions and consolidated efforts in every region of the country aimed at accessibility and quality of laboratory services.
I hope that the scientific forum will be a source of scientific knowledge of laboratory medicine professionals, will facilitate the exchange of information, experience and the formation of new views on the most actual problems of laboratory medicine.
I wish the organizers and all participants of the conference continue to lead their talents and professional skills to increase achievements for the sake of laboratory medicine. Wish you strong health, creative success, true friends and colleagues.

Gavrylenko Tetyana Illivna

Chief Specialist on laboratory diagnostics of the NAMS of Ukraine Vice president of the All Ukrainian Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine Head of immunology laboratory of the Acad. M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology, National Scientific Centre of the NAMS of Ukraine Curator of Referential laboratory of the NAMS of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues!
I'd like to congratulate you all with the significant event in life of laboratory service experts and not only clinical, but also research scientist of laboratory departments on opening of the VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health!”
For many years the Forum has been contributing to professional development of laboratory workers, helping to solve problems of laboratory medicine modern trends. Within the framework of a range of events of special programme “Days of Laboratory Medicine” we'll discuss the most relevant and urgent scientific and practical issues of the field.
During the years of our cooperation with the Forum the Ukrainian laboratory school became a brand. Tutorials that take place annually at school are aimed at presentation of innovations, improvement of work methods, professional consultations from well-known experts of laboratory field.
The obvious advantage of the Forum is its powerful exhibition part that serves as a successful supplement of the scientific part. This is the best professional platform in Ukraine where one can get acquainted with products of world leaders in the field of equipment supply and elaborations for laboratories, establish business contacts and make your choice having studied all advantages of the equipment by taking part in numerous presentations.
Thus, I wish you all to have fruitful live communication, work harder on improvement of your work and, of course, good health and peace in your souls and around us.

S.O. Vozianov

Director of “Institute of Urology of the NAMS of Ukraine”, SI, Associate Member of NAMS of Ukraine, President of the Association of Urologists

Dear Colleagues!
I am glad to congratulate you on the beginning of the VІ International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”
International Medical Forum is the authoritative platform to discuss the current issues of all branches of medicine.
Specialists from different regions of Ukraine and abroad can share the tried-and-tested developments in prophylactic practice, diagnostics and disease treatment, to test new equipment, to establish contacts and cooperate, realize new ideas.
from year to year Forum unite the efforts of doctors, scientists, medicinal product manufacturers and all people involved in medical community to develop medicine and improve quality of medical services.
I am sure that modern methods and technologies, which will be presented by leading urologists of Ukraine, will serve for the efficient exchange of experience and will help physicians to improve their work.
I wish a constructive dialogue, fruitful work and professional achievements all event participants!

M.O. Korzh

President of All-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Association of Orthopaedic Traumatologists”, Director of SI “Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology, NAMS of Ukraine”

Dear organizers, participants and guests of the Forum!
On behalf of All-Ukrainian NGO “Ukrainian Association of Orthopaedic Traumatologists” and the oldest orthopaedic institution in our country - SI “Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology, NAMS of Ukraine” Would like to congratulate you all on the opening of the VI International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations– the Nation’s health”.
It has already become a good tradition that the Forum gathers leading world and domestic institutions and field experts related to the human health. Usually SE “Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology, NAMS of Ukraine” takes an active part in exhibition as well as in theoretical part, holding scientific and practical seminars on relevant issues of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal system pathology and taking part in other professional meetings.
As of today, due to the challenges of time, the institute together with the reflection of its research and development trends, has initiated the exhibition of domestic tools of prosthetic, orthopaedic and rehabilitation technologies and organized a cross-sector scientific and practical seminar “Battle injuries of musculoskeletal system: hospital stage and medical social rehabilitation”, featuring 9 leading Ukrainian military and civil medical institutions of various subordination.
I hope that this event will give an additional impulse in improvement of organization and provision of specialized assistance for the defenders of the Motherland! I wish you all good health, strong spirit and faith in our own strength!

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