Official support 2014

Official support 2014


Bakhteieva T.D.

Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Healthcare of Ukraine

Dear participants and guests of Forum!
On behalf of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Healthcare of Ukraine I congratulate you cheerfully with the beginning of work of V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
We support actively large-scale events that consolidate representatives of medical circle and influence positively improvements in the health care industry. The organization of this year’s Forum is focused on the creation of a platform to establish a dialogue between authorities and health care specialists, uniting the efforts of doctors, scientists, medicinal product manufacturers and all people involved in medical community to develop medicine and improve quality of medical services in Ukraine.
V International Medical Forum unites the best home and international specialists from all branches of medicine, manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment, medicinal and pharmaceutical products for the fifth consecutive year. Within this event they all have a possibility to share their skills, prophylaxis practice, diagnostics and disease treatment, to test new equipment, to establish contacts and cooperate, realize new ideas to solve actual issues of Ukraine’s medicine. I wish a constructive dialogue, fruitful work and professional achievements for the benefit of patients’ health to all forum participants.

A. M. Serdiuk

President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Dear colleagues, participants and guests of the Forum!
On behalf of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum "Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation". The world medical science continues to change and develop rapidly. Ukrainian scientists, physicians, manufacturers and all those who are a part of the medical society make their serious steps in this direction. The newest developments and unique technologies implemented in health care practice, which are presented at the Forum, are eloquent testimony to it.
At the Forum, the medical science turns into art. The participants and the visitors from all over the world come here to present their developments, to share experiences and technologies. In turn, within the framework of the Forum, the research institutions of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine have an annual opportunity to demonstrate the general public their great scientific potential and high level of fundamental and applied research.
Thanks to the combination of the informative scientific-practical and business programmes of the Forum, the event creates a basis for combining the capabilities and the potential of domestic and foreign specialists from all fields of health care, representatives of the state structures, and scientific, and business circles.
The objectives and the purposes, which the organisers and the participants of the Forum set before themselves, stimulate the development of medicine in general, the prompt implementation of the scientific research results into the practice of health care institutions, and the improvement of quality of care delivery.
Thus, I wish all participants and visitors of the International Medical Forum to spend their time usefully and impress the public with their achievements next year.

V.V. Lazoryshynets

Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine

Dear participants and guests!
I congratulate youon the beginning of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum "Medicine Innovations - the Nation's health."
Spending time on personal development, using knowledge to improve medicine in general, we all move to a specific purpose - building the healthcare industry, where it would be comfortable to work and to enjoy the favorite work. On the Forum’s platform your persistence will be multiplied by the possibilities of this important event. Traditionally, the Forum is a constructive dialogue between the government, doctors, scientists, manufacturers of medical equipment. And this interaction generates new ideas and implements the plans.
This is a place where theory meets practice, and interdisciplinary approach allows extending the competence, looking at the current problems of medicine from a different angle. An integrative approach encourages the development of new methods of treatments’ diseases.
This year, you have an opportunity to visit more than 50 scientific and practical events, to test equipment that will appear tomorrow in the offices and laboratories of medical institutions. To raise awareness of the latest medical equipment and pharmaceutical products, specialized exhibitions will be opened for you.
I wish all participants fruitful work, achievement of goals, new prospective horizon and inspiration!

B.Y. Paton

President of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Academician of NAS of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues, Participants, and Guests!
A developed medicine reflects social and economic, demographic and spiritual potential of a country. At present we state that our country is on its way of bringing back people’s confidence in medicine. Scientists, producers, specialists of all branches of medicine gather together at International medical forum every year to share their experience, their development and contribute this way to the process of modernization of health care of Ukraine. The Forum participants have an opportunity to establish a professional dialogue with representatives of scientific, educational and public organizations, national and foreign manufacturers.
A well-organized platform for sharing the experience, direct contacts between scientists, producers and consumers of high-technology development in medical branch allows introducing results of scientific researches of The National Academy of Science of Ukraine institutions into a medical practice.
Actual information on state and tendencies of development of innovative technologies, presentation of novel equipment enhance the improvement of specialists’ qualification, methods of treatment, enlarging of forum guests and participants’ professional relationship.
I am convinced that scientific development of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine exposed at this event will evoke specialists’ interest and will be implemented into the health care system of the state.
I wish all participants scientific achievements, fruitful work and new ideas!

M.M. Rygan

Director of the department of Health of Kyiv City State Administration

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!
I congratulate you on the occasion of the opening of the Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the Nation’s Health”.
Today, our life is a kaleidoscope of events, meetings and news. But it has undeniable constants - things that require our regular attention, care and efforts. And one of them is health.
Continuous development of science and technology requires to keep pace with the time and almost daily to take challenges and adapt to current conditions.
Medicine is that industry, from the development of which depends the fate of the society. Thus, medical care cannot live using old practices. Modernity dictates its own rules that we, professionals, have to listen, demonstrates innovation that we have to learn, implements technologies that we need to adopt.
Distinctive excellence of the Forum “Medicine innovations – the Nation’s Health” is an opportunity for professionals of different specializations to get acquainted with the latest medical achievements in order to raise their qualification level and to share experience with colleagues.
Furthermore, in professional comfortable atmosphere doctors are able to hear each other and participate in a constructive dialogue, generate new ideas and projects. I am convinced that regular organization of such scientific-practical events is a kind of catalyzer of dynamic and qualitative development of the healthcare sector.
I wish you all productive dialogue, bright meetings, fruitful work! New victories and success in our honorable and extremely important work!

M.F. Pasichnyk

Head of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!
On behalf of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products, I would like to congratulate you on the opening of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations– the Nation’s health”.
Today, medical sector of Ukraine adopts best experience of medical industry of European Union countries in both standards of work and appropriate State quality control, and safety of medicines, and medical products. Provision of citizens with qualitative and safe medicines is one of the main priorities of the Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products.
Holding the event of this scale is another step on the way of integration of domestic pharmaceutical sector into the world standards of high-quality products manufacture. This professional ground is an excellent opportunity to discuss with foreign colleagues the issues of European certification of production, future perspectives and ways to avoid obstacles that players of pharmaceutical market have to face when harmonizing Ukrainian and European legislation.
Thanks to international platform of experience exchange and establishment of professional relationships, the participants will have the opportunity to establish cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies, to establish new business relations and improve existing ones, to present our achievements and discuss with foreign colleagues the urgent issues of production certification, to exchange experience, and continue business cooperation.
Thus, I wish all participants of the Forum fruitful meetings, constructive dialogue, successful cooperation and active participation in formation of the new State policy for the benefit of health of our compatriots.

Yurii Voronenko

Rector of P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Dear participants of the Forum!
I sincerely congratulate you on the opening of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations– the Nation’s health”.
The continuous professional development of employees in the health care field is the guarantee to the improvement of the quality of medical care.
Every year, the best specialists of the medical sector from throughout Ukraine and the leading foreign experts gather at the International Medical Forum in order to exchange of experience.
Traditionally, the Forum, being a practical living event, gives the professionals the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the results of scientific research, learn more about the latest technologies of diagnostics and treatment, and medicines, test the specialized equipment, etc.
The information received at the Forum today will allow the scientists and physicians to implement some new ideas into medical practice tomorrow.
I wish to all participants a constructive dialogue, fruitful cooperation and many new promising acquaintances. I express the hope that we will celebrate more than one anniversary of the International Medical Forum.

К.М. Amosova

Rector of Bogomolets National Medical University

Dear Colleagues, Participants and Guests!
I cordially congratulate you on the beginning of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
Currently, at the Forum we are witnesses of the formation of the future medicine. International and national doctors, scientists, producers and all those, who are pick of the modern health care system, come to the event to share their achievements, innovative technologies and methods of disease prophylactics and treatment, inform the public about pharmaceutical products, test the latest modern equipment and facilities and other medical devices.
Due to informative scientific-practical program, conference halls are full of specialists to hold passionate discussions, reveal actual and problem points of all spheres of medicine. All forum participants share their experience and establish mutual cooperation and, unintentionally, create a symphony of hope for improvement of health care practice.
Bogomolets National medical university has its own part within this melody as a forum co-organizer because we always remember that educational process is not over at university, but it lasts during the whole life.
I wish all Forum participants and organizers good health, inspiration, plenty of energy and further achievements in their high-minded work!

H.V. Knyshov

Director of the Institute of cardiovascular surgery under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and President of the Association of cardiovascular surgeons of Ukraine

Dear Organizers, Participants and Guests!
Let me, on behalf of M.M. Amosov Institute of cardiovascular surgery under the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and Association of cardiovascular surgeons of Ukraine, and on my own behalf as well, congratulate you on the opening of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
At its platform the Forum gathers leading and well-known experts of health care industry to ensure close interrelation of medical science and practice.
This event is in fact a live and unique organism where its heart - the best experts of all fields of medicine, and oxygen – their discoveries and achievements. All scientific and practical activities and specialized exhibitions that we have to visit within these three days definitely encourage us to improve our techniques and methods of work, stimulate us to new discoveries, allow sharing experiences, discovering the world of modern equipment and new pharmaceutical products.
Speaking about the importance of this event for the national science, one cannot ignore its efficiency, high concentration of strongly actual researches and perspectives that are opened to those who are a part of medical science.
I wish everyone strong health, energy, enthusiasm and opportunities because we will continue to surprise each other with the achievements for more than one year and celebrate further anniversaries of the Forum together.

V.М. Коvalenko

Director of Acad. M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology under the National Scientific Centre of NAMS of Ukraine, Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, President of the Association of Cardiologists of Ukraine

Dear Forum Participants!
On behalf of Acad. M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology under the National Scientific Centre of NAMS of Ukraine, I congratulate you on opening of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
Further development of national medicine is impossible without innovative thinking, without the introduction of new methods and techniques in the prophylactic practice, diagnostics and treatment of patients.
The Forum aims to unite leading scientists, doctors and their inventions, thus forming an international platform for the exchange of experience and establishment of mutual cooperation.
Participation of specialists in cardiology of Ukraine and abroad in the specialized event is a professional duty and calling to improve their skills.
Within The Third International Medical Congress efficient conferences, seminars, symposia are provided for specialists in cardiology. All scientific-practical events will be represented by leading international experts’ speeches on relevant and crucial issues on cardiology.
I am sure that every speech, every workshop at the Congress and each booth of Medical and Pharmaceutical Exhibitions at the Forum will be useful for all of you; they will find their practical implementation and induce new discoveries or establish new paradigms in medicine.
I wish you all good health, strong spirit and faith in our own strength!

V.O. Rohozhyn

President of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine

Dear associates!
On behalf of Association of Radiologists of Ukraine I am happy to congratulate you, on the opening of V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
Due to a large-scale scientific practical program and professional approach, International Medical Forum has been in the focus of specialists in various fields of medicine from different regions of Ukraine and abroad for many years.
Association of Radiologists of Ukraine traditionally participates in the scientific practical program of International Medical Forum that develops specialists’ competence and influences the efficiency of their work.
Implementing the task entrusted to Association, namely, to enhance the professional qualification of medical radiology specialists of Ukraine in compliance with international requirements on the basis of close equilateral communication with specialists from abroad, leading scientists and physicians from Association of Radiologists of Ukraine actively support one of the main directions of the Congress – a special medical program “Medical Radiology”.
International level of the event allows discussing problematic and actual issues of medical radiology, sharing scientific, production and theoretical findings, since the exchange of experience, adaptation of world achievements, efficient cooperation constitute three pillars of a qualified specialist.
I believe that scientific practical events within the Congress will find their expression in professional activity of scientists, radiographers and radiologists, ultrasound and functional testing doctors, educators and other health care specialists’.

O. B. Dynnyk

President of the Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostic

Dear participants and guests of the International Medical Forum 2014!
The new challenges of time require directing the efforts of physicians to the solution of the burning problems of health care. As it follows from the concept of the new healthcare system, this concerns, first of all, the most widespread infectious and non-infectious diseases (especially viral hepatitis, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, hypertensive and ischemic diseases, tumours of the breast, reproductive organs, and gastrointestinal tract).
Due to the latest technological achievements, ultrasonic diagnostics should become one of the leading directions in solving these problems. The Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostic welcomes the International Medical Forum 2014, which is an important information event concerning some modern achievements of medical science and technology, organisation of the system of health care and communication of the professionals. The turbulent events in the society of Ukraine in 2013-2014 have reached to the extent of traumatic epidemics. Ultrasonic diagnostics plays an important role in the algorithm of maintaining patients with polytrauma, in particular “FAST protocol”.
Nowadays, ultrasound diagnostic can affect the endpoints and quality of life of the patients with the majority of the mentioned nosology. A set of various technologies under the general name of elastography should be noted particularly.
Thanks to elastography, instrumental distant palpation of the organs becomes possible. Qualitative and quantitative determination of the stiffness of tissues and their elastic properties has diagnostically important information. Fibrotic and cirrhotic changes in the liver, its fatty degeneration, as well as remodeling and fibroid heart and walls of the arteries; detection, differential diagnosis and monitoring of the tumours pathomorphism are just a small part of the problems that the ultrasonic technology solves.
It is important to develop, approve and implement the national protocols of performance of all range of ultrasonic techniques. Another step to regulating the ultrasonic cardiological and angiological methods is the public discussion and adoption of the Decree “On the organisation and operation of the functional diagnostics system in health care institutions of Ukraine” by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This document will allow us to introduce widely a significant amount of ultrasonic techniques of investigation of cardiovascular system and to train the professionals.
We hope that interested communication of the professionals during the lectures and masterclasses of the Medical Forum will become a source of a new professional knowledge and achievements.

І.S. Zozulia

President of All-Ukrainian public organization “All-Ukrainian association of ambulant workers, medicine of emergency and disaster medicine”, Head of emergency medicine department of Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education

Dear Participants and Guests!
I am happy to congratulate you on the beginning of the V Anniversary International Medical Forum “Medicine innovations – the nation’s health”.
A specialist is considered to be qualified if he constantly enlarges his knowledge, perfects his techniques and methods of work and is able to contribute to the development of medicine.
Due to an informative scientific-practical program of the Forum, actual topics and trends, presence of experts, the educational process has become more available. The event will enhance the implementation of modern achievements of medical science into the practice of health protection of Ukraine, it will acquaint those present with progressive ideas of the international level.
The Forum will facilitate the improvement of the systems of urgent medical aid, medicine of catastrophe, medical science development, specialist qualification training. Traditionally at the Forum’s platform there will be symposiums, round tables, school workshops, master classes that develop theoretical and practical skills, allow sharing experiences, with international colleagues as well. Interdisciplinary approach consolidates substantially medical community, allows introducing constructive propositions, establishing partnership relations.
Specialized forum exhibitions cannot stay without one’s attention where one can get acquainted with innovative technologies and modern professional equipment; have professional consultations and pieces of advice on work with medical devices.
I am confident that we will continue to meet at the Forum and enjoy each other’s achievements!

H.H. Luniova

President of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, professor

Dear participants and guests of the scientific-practical conference!
On behalf of the Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine of Ukraine and on my own behalf, let me congratulate you sincerely on the beginning of the work of the scientific-practical conference with international participation "Present and the future of laboratory medicine" within the framework of the V International Medical Forum and specialized exhibition of laboratory equipment.
From all variety of medical activity spheres, laboratory diagnosis is one of the directions that develop more intensively at the present stage. Laboratory Medicine has high knowledge content. New fundamental inventions in biology and medicine, new technologies and equipment help to improve the role of laboratory diagnostics in medicine.
Modern clinical laboratory, consuming totally about 5 % from general expenses of health care, provides objective diagnostic information which is important for 65-70 % of medical solutions. In many critical situations laboratory results have life-saving value, while preventive and forecasting potential of clinical laboratory researches, in general, are not evaluated completely.
Special attention in the conference program will be given to scientific achievements in the practice of laboratory diagnostics, algorithms of immunocytochemical researches in diagnostics of the neoplastic processes and internet-based technologies in laboratory medicine.
The main conclusion of the discussion at the conference should be the formation of a common platform for actions and consolidated efforts in every region of the country aimed to accessibility and quality of laboratory services.
I hope that the scientific forum will be a source of knowledge for laboratory medicine professionals, will facilitate the exchange of information, experience and the formation of new views on the most actual problems of laboratory medicine.
I wish the organizers and all participants of the conference continue to lead their talents and professional skills to increase achievements for the sake of laboratory medicine. Strong health, creative success, true friends and colleagues to you.

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