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Zaslavsky, Publishing House

P.O. box-74, Kyiv, 04107, Ukraine
+380 (44) 223-27-42

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Publishing house “Zaslavsky” is a leading Ukrainian publisher of professional medical literature.

Our periodical issues:
• the newspaper “News of Medicine and Pharmacy”,
• specialized scientific medical journals “Actual infectology”,
• “Pain. Joints. Spine”, “Practical oncology” and the issues that are recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of Ukraine for publishing dissertation research papers:
• namely “International Neurological Journal”,
• “Kidneys”,
• “International Journal of Endocrinology”,
• “Emergency Medicine”,
• “Child’s Health”,
• “Trauma”,
• “Gastroenterology”,
• “Ukrainian Journal of Surgery”, “Archive of Ukrainian Ophtalmology” — have the highest index of readers’ activity among the Ukrainian physicians.

Also we present the internet-shop of medical literature “Bookvamed” ( and our outlets in Kyiv,
phone: +380 (67) 481-81-17, +38 (044) 353-72-45, +380 (67) 325-10-26

Archive of Ukrainian Ophthalmology

Professional scientific-practical specialized peer-reviewed publication for ophthalmologists and doctors of other specialties, dedicated to the issues of clinical ophthalmology and microsurgery of the eye.

Practical oncology

Professional scientific-practical specialized peer-reviewed publication for oncologists and doctors of other specialties, illuminates from a scientific and practical point of view the current issues of diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases.


Health of Ukraine. Medical editions, Publishing house

2, Mekhanizatoriv Str., Kyiv, 03035, Ukraine
+380 (44) 521-86-86, 364-40-28 +380 (44) 364-40-29

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Publishing house “Health of Ukraine. Medical editions” is leading publishing house of medical periodicals and literature in Ukraine. Our mission is to improve the health of citizens of Ukraine by informing of doctors about the effective methods of diagnostics and treatment, as well as by distribution and popularization of actual medical information.


Practice of Management of the Medical Institution, magazine

Off . 613, 11-A, Eugene Sverstyuk Str., Kyiv, 02660, Ukraine
+380 (44) 501-57-03

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“Practice of Management of the Medical Institution” journal is a monthly specialized, informative and reference edition for the managers of healthcare institutions with different profiles and of all forms of property. The aim of the edition is to help the managers of the medical institutions in all spheres of their activity.



+38 (044) 585-97-10

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APTEKA weekly newspaper and Internet publication APTEKA online ( – a leading information-analytical business publication for Ukrainian specialists in the field of pharmacy and medicine. The founder and publisher – «MORION» company. Issued since 1995. 1 time per week – 50 issues per year. Operative, relevant and reliable information on the Ukrainian and world pharmacy market: • Events • Comments • Analytics • Information about companies and products • R&D • Marketing • Management • Legal and regulatory information


ZDOROV-INFO, Medical portal of Ukraine

Off. 2, 5, Vasilya Chumaka Str., Kyiv, 03065, Ukraine
+380 (44) 299-95-99 +38 (096) 655-04-03 +38 (050) 328-54-33 +38 (063) 787-22-07

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The medical portal of Ukraine ZDOROV-INFO will efficiently present you and your suggestions on the market of medical services of Ukraine. 10 years of experience in the medical Internet.10 000 clinics and doctors in the portal registry. 100 000 target visitors every month. We will increase the number of patient requests and increase the attendance of your website. We will connect you with the patient directly, without intermediaries. Add to your arsenal the effectiveness of ZDOROV-INFO!

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