Experts recommend

Experts recommend

Over the years co-organizers of the International Medical Forum are the best representatives of healthcare industry. These outstanding scientists are known and respected far beyond Ukraine. Events that they organize on the platform of the International Medical Congress always visitors are looking forward each year. We have compiled their authoritative opinions and recommendations regarding the Forum. If you still have any doubt, come to us and make sure about everything by yourself!

At the beginning the Forum was like a child who makes the first steps. Today, after a fruitful years the event has expanded its horizons, began a cooperation with our Department. Our employees take an active part in master classes of the School, meeting of non-staff specialists. We hold active work, the department participates in all scientific events of the Radiology direction, we have productive relations.

Babkina Tatiana

Head of the department of radiodiagnostics of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

Those who have once visited International Medical Forum know that three days of fruitful work are waiting for them. On the platform of the event it is possible to exchange experience, hear from firsthand the latest news concerning Laboratory Medicine and speak with colleagues. Inspiring that fact that Conference Halls are always full of specialists that correspond to desire of constant developing and our joint cooperation to the Forum does not go in vain. I wish the Forum many years of prosperity and to remain relevant platform for healthcare professionals.

Gavrylenko Tetyana

Chief Specialist of Laboratory Diagnostics of NAMS of Ukraine, prof., Doctor of Biological Sciences

Institute of neurosurgery is actively involved in the Forum from the very beginning. As a rule, we held professional discussion of the most relevant topics in our specialty – neurosurgery. Here gathers representatives of almost all medical specialties. Specialists come here for professional dialogue, and as a result we can see progress in the solution of particular questions. This stimulates us to raise the bar. When the Forum finished, we immediately begin to prepare for the next one. We also see a growing of exhibition. Not always it is possible to explore all exposition, therefore we hope that one day it will be "Innovation Week".

Guk Andrey

Deputy Director for scientific and organizational work of Institute of neurosurgery named after academician AP Romodanov, SI

I remember that during the years of fruitful activities of the International Medical Forum were many signifi cant events - leading scientists presented their discoveries that influenced on the development of healthcare sector, there appeared new names of scientists, doctors, medical equipment manufacturers that already sound familiar now. On the platform of the event new projects were originated, ideas were implemented. Colleagues argued about innovations, methods and techniques of work, praised the achievements of advance medical science. The specialists of our Institute have always been at the forefront of events, actively took part in the scientific-practical program, made their offers and continued to self-improving. So I would like to thank the organizers of the Forum for the work done and wish them new victories in their high-minded mission.

Dykan Iryna

Director of Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

International Medical Forum is a large-scale scientific -practical event which are looking forward to medical professionals of various specializations, including Ultrasound diagnostics. In the framework of the Forum physicians will be able to understand the latest achievements of medical science and technology, to gain practical skills on master classes. It is difficult to overestimate the knowledge we get from real-life communication with leading health professionals during the overview and testing of modern medical equipment. Participants will be able to exchange of experience with colleagues, get their professional advice. The Forum opens new opportunities and prospects, allows announcing new discoveries, introducing useful in everyday practice. I wish Medical Forum continue to increase its audience, conquer new peaks and set the high standard of introduction of novelties in healthcare sector.

Dynnyk Oleg

President of the Ukrainian Association of ultrasound diagnostics, Chief non-stuff specialist in Ultrasound diagnostics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

International Medical Forum is a scale event among the medical community in Ukraine. There are many foreign scientists, guests, where we and our physicians get new information, exchange experience, views on the current problems. Taking into account the situation in the East of Ukraine and military actions, medicine of emergency is essential for self-help, mutual aid and medical care. Therefore, conduction of symposium concerning medicine of emergency and disaster medicine in the framework of the Forum has great theoretical and practical significance. The Forum will perform well-known professionals, scientists, teachers of our Department of Medicine of Emergency, Disaster Medicine, Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Centre of Emergency Medical Care and Medicine of Catastrophes, the one field departments of Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhya medical academies of postgraduate education, there will be conducted master-classes for practitioners. We hope that this will be not only training, but we will also find like-minded people for doing everything together to improve the health of our citizens and by joint efforts to come to solve all the problems of disaster medicine, problems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of emergency medicine.

Zozulia Ivan

Head of the department of medicine of emergency medical conditions of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

Recent years International Medical Forum inextricably connected with scientific-practical events for cardiology specialists. On this important professional platform are discussed problematic issues of the fi eld. Are presented for consideration the revolutionary methods and techniques for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Congress, which takes place in the framework of the Forum, brings together experts and allows developing a unifi ed treatment strategy that is fully met current trends.

Kovalenko Volodymir

Director of the M.D. Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology, National Scientifi c Center of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, President of the Association of Cardiologists of Ukraine

Specialists of the Institute of Nephrology of NAMS of Ukraine, taking advantage of the Forum’s colossal capabilities, organize their own scientifi c-practical events, in the framework of which nephrologists are able to discuss current issues of scope, exchange of practical experience with colleagues and experts of related fields of medicine. For those Nephrologists who want to improve their knowledge and skills, united by the idea of science and practice, the Forum associates with highly professional platform where you can realize your ideas and send in the correct course their potential.

Kolesnyk Mykola

Director of Institute of Nephrology of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

On the International Medical Forum always provided relevant information regarding current state and trends in orthopedics and traumatology. In the framework of the Forum specialists of M.I. Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of NAMS of Ukraine, SI Forum share the results of their scientifi c practical activity, recent methods and achievements of modern technologies of treatment of diseases and injuries of the spine and joints. It is important that the international level allows exchanging of experience with foreign scientists and practitioners.

Korzh Mykola

M.I. Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

Every year at the International Medical Forum raised the most current issues of laboratory medicine. In the spirited debates and lively discussions current views on the clinical research laboratory are generated. Forum allows you to exchange information, experience and consolidate the specialists’ eff orts of laboratory diagnostics aimed at increasing access to quality laboratory services. During these fi ve years we did a tremendous work on the platform of the Forum, but it is too early to draw conclusions since we are waiting for new discoveries and further development of laboratory medicine.

Lunyova Hanna

President of Association of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Head of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics Department of P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

The Congress program of the International Medical Forum also provides discussion of new and improved techniques for surgical treatment of venous disorders of the lower limbs, which are aimed at preserving support ability and reduction of high amputations. The research results are introduced in healthcare practice of Ukraine, solving of several theoretical and applied aspects are pioneer in the world of science.

Lyabah Andriy

Head of the department of pathology of the foot and complex prosthetics of Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of NAMS of Ukraine, SI

Today the Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine is a standing participant of the Forum. We are glad to an opportunity to share own developments with our colleagues. And we can be proud of them! At the Institute we make all kinds of eyes diseases diagnosis using innovative technologies, specialists carrying out unique surgical procedures. This is powerful school of professionals who are open for experience exchange, expansion of business contacts. I am deeply convinced we will continue to develop the Ophthalmology direction and every year will be gathering more and more interested professionals. I invite to cooperation companies which supply of ophthalmic equipment, specialized instruments, medical products.

Pasyechnikova Natalia

Director of The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, SI, Head of the Society of Ophthalmologists Ukraine, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

The Forum is necessary in order that we could gather and solve important issues. So, nowadays in front of radionuclide diagnostics faces many tasks related to upgrading of medical institutions, human resource policies, advanced training of experts. And only at such a Forum like this we can develop recommendations which then we submit to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine. We can share experience, methods, results of treatment. We work in order that the patient was healthy!

Solodyannikova Oksana

Chief expert of Ministry of Health of Ukraine in specialty Radionuclide diagnosis and radiation therapy, Head of research department of nuclear medicine of the National cancer institute, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

Why do I choose the Forum? Because this is a professional event with current scientific-practical program, presented by ultra-modern medical equipment. But the main thing is that the Forum is not a counterfeit, it lives by discussions, debates, practical workshops etc. Equally important is an interdisciplinary background that we set as the basis for progressive thought. The Forum scientists and doctors have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from all fields of medicine, to exchange experience and using the common efforts to come to solve the problems of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the twenty-first century.

Rohozhyn Volodymir

President of the Association of Radiologists of Ukraine

The Forum is aimed at supporting and developing the national medical science, familiarizing specialists with the latest technology of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. High scientific and educational level of the event is provided by participation in it of leading national and international healthcare professionals. Due to the existing wide contingent of physicians, the event makes an interdisciplinary dialogue more constructive. Our institute is a part of this professional platform where new ideas are implemented, are presented the results of practice of major therapeutic directions.

Fadeyenko Halyna

Director of L.T. Malaya Institute of Therapy of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

The effectiveness is one of the main goals which the organizers of the International Medical Forum set themselves. In order to achieve this goal on the Forum gathers foreign and national experts to exchange of their experiences, solve current problems of modern medicine. It is pleasant that in the focus of the Forum are current issues of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology. This year, we present results of new conceptual and practical research on reproductive health of adolescents which meet current trends. I am sure that new knowledge will expand and improve practical and theoretical skills of doctors.

Shkiriak-Nyzhnyk Zoreslava

Head of family health problems of Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of NAMS of Ukraine, SI, prof., Doctor of Medical Sciences

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