The Oganizer of the International Medical Forum Medicine Innovations – the Nation’s Health – the LMT Company is the full member of the All-Ukrainian public organization patriotic association Volunteer Movement of Ukraine.

NGO All-Ukrainian Patriotic Movement of Ukraine is non-governmental organization which was created and operates on the principles of voluntariness, legality, a community of interests and equal rights of its members, publicity and self-government.

The organization is urged to unite all not indifferent people for the sake of peace, freedom and bright future of the country that in this difficult time joint efforts to help people to defend their freedom, dignity, choice, their country. In the priority of the association – a healthy nation, united Ukraine, one people, independence in all directions, peace, economic and social development.

Principles, declared by the Volunteer Movement of Ukraine, are clear and close to us. We could not stay away, so we joined the organization and ready affair, not a word to help people who need our support.

We also call upon the International Medical Forum – participating companies, our customers, scientists and doctors, all members of the medical and pharmaceutical communities in Ukraine do not remain on the sidelines of the history and the fate which are decided before our eyes. Your voluntary contribution or application assistance can give hope for tomorrow. Believe that your help will find its destination!

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