Exhibitors 2017


of The VIII International Medical Forum,
International Healthcare Exhibition,
International dental exhibition,
International Pharmaceutical Exhibition

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Leipzigskaya Street 15, B, floor 3, 01015, Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 (067) 007-20-20

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103.ua is international web-site about health and beauty. Moreover, 103.ua is unique web-promotion system! 103.ua represents your company in the Internet in the most effective way and leads clients right from the Worldwide Web. We put our hearts into 103.ua, that is why interface is so simple and convenient, articles about health and beauty are so helpful. We also added list of organizations and online-booking service.

4Life Transfer Factor Center in Ukraine

Off . 22, 13, Tereschenkivska Str., Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine
+380 (44) 592-97-98

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4Life Research LLC USA is the world leader in the development, research and production of Transfer Factors extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks. The innovative technology, high product quality and proven performance and efficiency form the basis of the growing demand for the unique immune system correctors –Transfer Factors and Tri-Factors – the products of the new generation for powerful support and a significant improvement of an immune system functional condition. All products have passed the appropriate registration and have the Guidelines of AMS and MHU. 4Life upholds not only the current GMP standards, but also standards of pharmacological industry outlined by FDA. 4Life Tri-Factors are included in the Guide for U.S. doctors (PDR) for over than 10 years. 4Life Transfer Factor Center in Ukraine is the official distributor, the organizer of the registration, researches and supplier of products in the domestic market since 2005. We are looking forward for cooperation!

AFS Medizintechnik LLC

Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, 119 Saksaganskogostr., 6th floor
+380 (44) 359 00 88 +380 (44) 359 05 98

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"AFS Medizintechnik" Ltd. is a subsidiary of AFS Medizintechnik GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.
The company has been supplying medical equipment and medical supplies in Ukraine.
"AFS Medizintechnik" Ltd. is sole official distributor of Philips Healthcare in Ukraine, exclusive distributor of high effective hemostatic agent - Celox, and exclusive distributor of Heinemann Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany (ENT equipment).
Our advantages:
• We consult you to select what you really need
• Excellent medical equipment with affordable prices
• Individual approach to every customer
• Direct shipments of medical equipment from Europe and USA
• High quality equipment from leading European and world producers. The entire range of medical equipment that we offer, is certified in Ukraine and include all quality standards regulated.


Ukraine, 33001, Rivne Dubenska, 217
+38 (067) 360-82-28, +38 (050) 435-42-90 +38 (0362) 62-05-16, 63-00-71

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AITAS PLUS — an exclusive representative on the Ukrainian territory: - rotary instruments DIA-TESSIN (Vanetti SA, Switzerland) - hand instruments LM-INSTRUMENTS (Finland) - restorations material INSPIRO (Edelweiss DR, Switzerland) - matrix systems GARRISON (USA) - dental handpieces COXO Special (China) - computer-based periodontal diagnostic system "FLORIDA PROBE" (USA) - photo-activated disinfection device "FOTOSAN" (Denmark)

Alciona, Ltd.

Ukraine, 04116, Kyiv 4/10, Wanda Wasylevska Str.
+380 (44) 236-35-88 +380 (050) 355-05-58

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Scientific and Production Company “Alсіona” Ltd. develops and manufactures devices underwater extension of the spine and joints. Apparatuses “Alсіona” are registered in the State Register of medical equipment. Scope devices - sanatoriums, physiotherapy departments of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers. Apparatuses “Alсіona” can be used in fitness centers, sports organizations and other prevention and care institutions generalists.


Ukraine, 65007, Odesa, Mechnikova str., 51|77
+38 (048) 798-43-46 +38 (048) 705-32-68

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ALFAMED PE was founded in 1998. For today we are the distributors of leading European manufacturers of medical goods. We present on Ukrainian market vacuum blood collection tubes, packing material for sterilization, ophthalmology disposable products. Also in the range of our products you can find: disposable cloth, PCR diagnostic and microbiological test systems. Test system for infection and immune diseases. For today is engaged in complex maintenance of laboratories and medical establishments

AlfaSPA Development

Ukraine, 04053, Kiev, str. Sichovych Striltsiv, 26 B
+380 (44) 331 24 25 +380 (44) 486 03 77

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The full spectrum of services for health and beauty professionals. Our specialization: aesthetic & medical clinics, SPA centers, fitness & wellness centers, beauty salons. Our services: development of health & SPA clinics, wellness & fitness centers, beauty centers. Supply & service of equipment for health & SPA clinics, aesthetician centers, medical clinics, sanatoriums, etc. Supply of professional cosmetics. Learning center for health & beauty professionals. Health & beauty consulting.

Alkom, Trade House, Ltd

Ukraine, 02217, Kyiv 8, Draysera Str.
+38 (044) 515-45-60 +38 (044) 548-35-33

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“Trade House Alkom”, ltd. is a Ukrainian national manufacturer of orthopedic products since 2004:
- Medical bandages and corsets
- Medical elastic bands
- Compression and elastic medical products
- Orthopedic insoles, products for feet and splints TM LuckyStep
- Products for health, massagers and trainers TM OrtoSport
- Children's orthopedic shoes TM OrtoBaby
- Goods for pregnant and lactating women TM Mami
Comprehensive diagnostics and production of individual orthopedic insoles – cooperation with partners.

Alpha-Intensiv, German language center

Ukraine, 03150, Kiev city, Velyka Vasilkovska Street, 65, of.404
+380 (44) 289-11-02 +380 (44) 289-03-05

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“Alpha-Intensiv» was started up in 2009.
Nowadays it is one of the leading German language centers in Ukraine and the most popular one in Kiev.
We deliver the most intensive courses of modern German on all levels (from A1.1 to C1 – in accordance with standards GER “Recommendations of European council in learning of foreign languages”), and also various specialized programs: business German, German for doctors, grammar and phonetics trainings etc.


Ukraine, 65059, Odessa, Khvoiniiy lane, 8-B
+38 (050) 173 82 37 +38 (048) 717 50 35

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The company "ALSENА" presents innovative equipment for the diagnosis of infection Helicobacter pylori. AMA RUT - disposable device for rapid diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection by urease activity biopsies obtained during endoscopic examination of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum. AMA RUT Expert - the world's first rapid urease test with a digital readout. HELIK-scan –M allows you to simply and quickly conduct non-invasive diagnostics for analyzing air helikobakterioza oral with high accuracy and without involving laboratory.


8-А, Radhospna Str., Boryspil, Kyiv region, 08306, Ukraine
+380 (44) 337-39-97

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“AMPRI UKRAINE” LLC is the Ukrainian offi cial representative offi ce of the company AMPri GmBH (Germany), the leading European manufacturer of the medical apparel, disposable and disinfection devices. “AMPRI UKRAINE” LLC off ers its partners the products of European quality, competitive prices, favorable cooperation conditions and the marketing support.


Ukraine, 03083, Kyiv, Nauki ave., 54-B, office 4
+38 (044) 502 34 74 +38 (044) 502 34 88

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APROFI is an official representative of German high-quality detergents and disinfectants manufacturer company "Dr. Weigert" in Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Bulgaria. During 10 years of activity, APROFI has reached leading positions in the market. We ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety in the food and the medical industry, in the service sector and HoReCa, providing for the production and business complex solutions and products, certified in accordance with international standards: DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, DIN EN ISO 13485: 2003, Annex II of Council Directive 93/42 / EEC, DIN EN ISO 14001: 2004, and others.

Association of amaranth and amaranth products

Ukraine, 49044, Dnipro, Katerynoslavsky boulevard, 2/526
+38 (096) 344 44 38

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1. Promoting Amaranth production in Ukraine: participation in exhibitions, online advertising, print media, television and radio.
2. Control for the process of amaranth growing.
3. Collaboration with companies that produce quality amaranth products for its further promotion to world markets, creating a positive image of Ukraine as a manufacturer of quality products.
4. Coordination farmers activity.
5. Advice, training courses and conferences.


Ap. 63, 19, Simirenko Str., Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine
+380 (44) 404-25-24 +380 (44) 403-20-60

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ECG accessories (electrodes, ets.); Patient cables; Suction chest electrodes; Rubber straps for limbs; Peripheral clamps and plates electrodes with universal connection; Pre-gelled (wet and solid adhesive gel) foam electrodes; Gel products; SpO2 sensors; Paper for laboratory equipment; Ultrasonic accessories; Videoprinter paper.

Beijing Tuoren International Trade Co., LTD

A1802, Shifanghaoting, NO.16, Xinyuan, South-Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing
+86 (10) 820-749-46

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Tuoren Medical has been in the medical device more than 24 years. It is now the first place in China with its anesthesia consumables. Tuoren sells more than 40 countries now. Tuoren Medical has 3 manufacturing enterprises, 1 technology research institute and 1 Medical Museum in Henan province China. And the company successively won the National High-tech Enterprise, National Quality Standard Enterprises, and TUOREN brand named China Well- known Trademark in 2015. Products cover large varieties including Anesthesia, Nursing, Testing and Surgery. Tuoren is the largest supplier of Anesthesia Kits, Infusion Pumps, Breathing Circuit and Central Venous Catheter kits in China. And also Tuoren keeps focusing on the new products, the ERGO Mask, safety I.V. Cannula, Block Buster Laryngeal Mask Airway and also the ZeroMe Plasma Sterilizer is the new technology step. Tuoren Medical is a company of the future. It believes in better tomorrow and invests in this future by an innovative approach to Research & Development. Tuoren Medical is looking to a bright future by realizing its core values about Innovation and Sustainability.

Bio Test Med, LLC

Ukraine, 03151, Kiev, Lobanovskogo Avenue, 10B
+38 (044) 241 12 78 +38 (044) 248 46 25

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Company Bio Test Med is glad to offer to your attention production of world and domestic manufacturers for medical facilities and laboratories. Our product line includes: vacuum systems for blood collection, suture material, disinfectants, disposable surgical instruments, medical and laboratory furniture, spectrometers and chromatographs, kits for ELISA, kits for biochemical studies, laboratory equipment


Ukraine, 03022, Kyiv, Okhtyrski lane, 3
+380 (44) 502 20 50

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Biopharma LTD company is working on the cosmetic market of Ukraine since 2006 and is a leader in sales of ayurvedic, organic and natural cosmetics, and exclusively presents the products of Indian plants Marico Ltd., Vedicare Aurveda Pvt Ltd and others. We present good quality cosmetics designed on Ayurvedic recipes for the human body health: beautiful and silky hair, soft, delicate skin, strong nails, oral care, and improving the overall body health.

Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH

Ukraine, 03124, 7 Mykoly Vasylenka Str.
+38 (044) 454-75-03


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Pharmaceutical company "Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH» (Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH, hereinafter Heel) is a manufacturer of complex biological products. Factory production lines (Germany, Baden-Baden) and production processes of Heel drugs meet modern international standards of GMP.


Ukraine, 03164, Kyiv, Palladin Avenue, 25
+380 (44) 422-55-66 +380 (44) 422-55-65

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BIOMED LTD was established in 2012 and supplies physiotherapeutic, cardiological, operating, endoscopic, laboratory, sterilization and other equipment.


Off . 206, 19-A, Engelsa Str., Poltava, 36039, Ukraine
+380 (532) 56-04-36, 58-22-44 +380 (50) 715-86-26, (097) 108-70-17

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The company “Ekobiz” owner TM “Bishofi t Mg++”, “Healing bath” is an expert in the production of drugs for people who care about their health and beauty of their bodies. Under the brand name “Ekobiz” created a series of professional level products for medical (restorative treatment, sanatorium rehabilitation) and aesthetic purposes (fi tness center, spa) . The most important characteristics of the series: - The eff ect of a natural source bishofi t Poltava deposit, augmenting the experience of professionals; - Preparations do not contain synthetic ingredients, colorings and fl avorings; - Synergistic action of active ingredients designed to achieve maximum results.

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