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4Life Transfer Factor Center in Ukraine

Off. 22, 13, Tereschenkivska Str., Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine
+380 (44) 592-97-98

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4Life Research LLC (USA) is the world leader in the development, research and production of Transfer Factors extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolks.
The innovative technology, high product quality and proven performance and efficiency form the basis of the growing demand for the unique immune system correctors – Transfer Factors and Tri-Factors – the products of the new generation for powerful support and a significant improvement of an immune system functional condition. All products have passed the appropriate registration and have the Guidelines of AMS and MHU. 4Life upholds not only the current GMP standards, but also standards of pharmacological industry outlined by FDA. 4Life Tri-Factors are included in the Guide for U.S. doctors (PDR) for over than 10 years.
4Life Transfer Factor Center in Ukraine is the official distributor, the organizer of the registration, researches and supplier of products in the domestic market since 2005. We are looking forward for cooperation!

AFS Medizintechnik LLC

Ukraine, 01032, Kyiv, 119 Saksaganskogostr., 6th floor
+380 (44) 359 00 88 +380 (44) 359 05 98

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"AFS Medizintechnik" Ltd. is a subsidiary of AFS Medizintechnik GmbH, Hamburg, Germany.
The company has been supplying medical equipment and medical supplies in Ukraine.
"AFS Medizintechnik" Ltd. is sole official distributor of Philips Healthcare in Ukraine, exclusive distributor of high effective hemostatic agent - Celox, and exclusive distributor of Heinemann Medizintechnik GmbH, Germany (ENT equipment).
Our advantages:
• We consult you to select what you really need
• Excellent medical equipment with affordable prices
• Individual approach to every customer
• Direct shipments of medical equipment from Europe and USA
• High quality equipment from leading European and world producers. The entire range of medical equipment that we offer, is certified in Ukraine and include all quality standards regulated.


Off. 165, 3, Steshenko Str., Kyiv, 03134, Ukraine
+380 (44) 403-25-24 +380 (44) 403-20-60

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ECG accessories (electrodes, ets.); Patient cables; Suction chest electrodes; Rubber straps for limbs; Peripheral clamps and plates electrodes with universal connection; Pre-gelled (wet and solid adhesive gel) foam electrodes; Gel products; SpO2 sensors; Paper for laboratory equipment; Ultrasonic accessories; Videoprinter paper.


Off. 206, 19-A, O. Gonchar Str., Poltava, 36039, Ukraine
+380 (532) 66-06-70

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The company “Ekobiz” owner TM “Bishofit Mg ++”, “Healing bath” is an expert in the production of drugs for people who care about their health and beauty of their bodies.
Under the brand name “Ekobiz” created a series of professional level products for medical (restorative treatment, sanatorium rehabilitation) and aesthetic purposes (fitness center, spa).
The most important characteristics of the series:
- The effect of a natural source bishofit Poltava deposit, augmenting the experience of professionals;
- Preparations do not contain synthetic ingredients, colorings and flavorings;
- Synergistic action of active ingredients designed to achieve maximum results.


Ukraine, 07400, Brovary, Sichovykh Striltsiv, 8
+38 (044) 494 42 42

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Solutions for laboratories. Specialized solutions for labs of different branches; The range of 300,000 products:

    - Analytical and general laboratory equipment - Laboratory furniture of the own manufactur - Consumables (reagents and laboratory glassware) - More than 30,000 products at the own stock -li>Flexible pricing system through direct contracts with leading manufacturers - Fast delivery all over Ukraine by own transport and courier services

Since 1995. Over 10 000 permanent clients.

Daily Trade, LTD

Off. 423, 21, Stepan Bandera Ave., Kyiv, 04073, Ukraine
+380 (44) 490-35-41

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Daily Trade, ltd. is the official authorized representative of:

• X-ray systems ARCOM International S.r.l. and IMAGO Radiology S.r.l.; • Flat-panel detectors DRTECH; • X-ray tubes I.A.E. S.p.A; • Medical monitors JUSHA.

We are also an official dealer of the Canadian manufacturer of X-ray generators CPI and VAREX partner (HV cables, collimators and AEC-chambers). All products that we represent are certified and meet European quality standards.


Off . 256, 82, Frunze Str., Kyiv, 04080, Ukraine
+380 (44) 331-45-35 +380 (44) 490-66-10

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ElitMedica – supplier of high-quality, modern equipment and high-tech products from leading manufacturers. Provides clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical goods advanced foreign - Johnson&Johnson, Aesculap, Balton, B.Braun, Becton Dickinson, Martin, Rusch, Tekno, Troge, Sterylab, Vogt Medical, Unomedical, 3M and domestic manufacturers. The range of products: surgery, gynecology, proctology, urology, orthopedics, traumatology, anesthesiology, dentistry, resuscitation.

Empirica, Medical Company, LLC

Off. 3/1, 26 letter A, Yevhen Konovalets Str., Kyiv, 01133, Ukraine
+380 (44) 223-14-06

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Our company is oriented on user’s needs, we are looking to be reliable, flexible and professional partner for your laboratory.
We offer laboratory equipment, regents and consumables from world-lead manufacturers, who have already proven themselves in international level.
Medical company “Empirica” guarantees:
• Timely supplying
• Professional service
• Continuous consulting support


Off . 222, 23, Preobrazhenska Str., Kyiv, 03110, Ukraine
+380 (99) 515-16-17

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ERGOLIFE Company exists in Ukraine for 7 years. We are engaged in sale and supply of ergonomic furniture and accessories from European manufacturers. ERGOLIFE Company is the offi cial representative of such companies as “Salli” Finland - manufacture of orthopaedic chairs, “Conset” Denmark - ergonomic desks with electric height adjustment, “Ergolife” Finland - ergonomic armrests. Our slogan – “We care about your health even if you forget about it!”

EximCargoTrade, LTD

1-А, Nikolsko-Slobidska Str., Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine
+380 (44) 499-84-97

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“EximCargoTrade” since 2009 in the market of instrumentation, chemical and laboratory glassware, medical products.
Our products are characterized by high accuracy readings, ease of use and durability.

Felicit-Diagnostics, NPP, LTD

32, Kaschtanova Str., Dnipro, 49051, Ukraine
+380 (56) 747-47-76 +380 (56) 747-45-34 +380 (56) 747-47-76 +380 (56) 747-45-34

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Felicit-Diagnostics is the largest manufacturer of the range of kits for clinical diagnostics in Ukraine (more than 80 types of products). The firm not only takes a leading position in its field, but has also become a kind of benchmark. Along with the traditional uniform methods for determining biochemical parameters we offer new solutions which make it possible not only to reduce the time required for sample preparation and analysis but also achieve high accuracy and reproducibility of results.

GNCLS, Experimental plant, LTD

Ukraine, 61057, Kharkiv 8, Vorobyova str.
+38 (057) 752-30-20

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Experimental plant "GNCLS" LTD is a pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in development of drug products' manufacturing technologies as well as in production of high quality medicines for sale on Ukraine's domestic market & the near abroad. Today the stock-list of the factory includes more than 80 names of pharmaceutical of different groups. Our professional motto is: high quality and reasonable prices.

Grupotest, Private Enterprise

Ukraine, 61001, Kharkiv, 90 А, Prospect Moskovsky, Apt. 50
+380 (050) 402-18-49 +38 (057) 717-50-44 +38 (057) 717-33-44

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Production of Set of diagnostic monoclonal reagents for human blood typing using systems AB0, Rhesus, Kell and immune antibodies «Grupotest»
Production of Sets of standard erythrocytes and solutions for human blood typing using systems AB0, Rhesus, Kell and antierythrocytic antibodies “Grupotest”
Certificate of registration № 9912/2010 as of 13.05.2015
Certificate № 027-15 as of 23/03/2015
Certificate of Conformity Full Quality Assurance System (Technical Regulations of In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices, Annex 4, excluding items 6-8) № UA.TR.039.046 as of 28.02.2017


Off. 8, 1-B, Tupoleva Str., Kyiv, 04128, Ukraine
+380 (44) 338-85-38 +380 (44) 507-07-97

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Company "Healthy STYLE" is the exclusive representative in Ukraine of the world famous brands TM Biorepair (Italy), Megasmile (Switzerland), Langelica (Italy), Bionsen (Italy).
These high-quality products for oral care consist of series of the toothpastes, mouthwash, foam, parodont gel, flosses, brushes for interdental spaces, for braces and other orthodontic systems.

Interproject, Association

89, Kotelnikova Str., Kyiv, 02179, Ukraine
+38 (050) 312-57-98
+38 (050) 312-57-98

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Production, repair and editing of laser and hydromassage medical technique.

Likar, LTD

Ukraine, 03095, Kyiv, Kniajiy Zaton str., 16-V
+380 (44) 538 02 79 +380 (44) 538 02 81

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Company "Likar" works on the medical market of Ukraine since 1994. Our specialization: Supply: - Equipment for cardiac surgery, oncology, traumatology, interventional surgery, etc. - Disposables and materials for various fields of medicine - Laboratory equipment for quantitative express diagnosis Support our clients: - Installation of equipment, warranty and post-warranty service - Training of medical staff


Off. 271/3, 5, O. Pchilki Str., Kyiv, 02068, Ukraine
+380 (44) 500-69-55

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Likarni.com is an online service to record patients in private clinics and diagnostic centers of Ukraine.
All services are free for visitors.
Advantages of Likarni.com service: convenient online search of doctors, clinics, checked information about clinics and doctors of Ukraine, fast appointment to a doctor on-line, up-to-date actions of clinics, assistance of competent counselors of the call center in search of a doctor.
Likarni.com will help you to find a qualified doctor, sign up for an appointment at the time convenient for you!

Medaparatura, Kyiv Industrial Corporation

Ukraine, 04073, Kyiv 21, Moskovsky Ave.
+38 (044) 467-76-21 +38 (044) 379-15-62

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The company is specialized on the serial production of transportable and stationary photoroentgenograph with digital image processing, X-ray diagnostic complex with digital image processing, transportable roentgenfluorography room, transportable dental room.

Medconsulting, LLP

Off. 219, 40, Ushynskogo Str., Kyiv, 03151, Ukraine
+380 (67) 796-11-36

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MEDCONSALTING is a law firm specializing in the protection of interests of the health care institutions and private practitioners. The complex of legal and consulting services provided by our company enable our clients to carry out activities in a lawful manner, to solve the problems successfully and to prevent it in future. One of the main specific features is that the company involves practitioners for executing of tasks at hand. These practitioners have a broad experience in the area of medical law and legal groundwork for activities of medical centers. The key business lines are: accreditation, licensing and executing of due diligence of health care institution’s activity, nostrification and obtaining the permits for medical activities in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, legal advice on medical law.

Medgarant, Ltd

Ukraine, 02132, Kyiv, Dneprovs’ka Naberezhna, 26
+38 (044) 5851070 +38 (044) 5851071

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Medgarant means the most innovative technologies and the best medical equipment. Medgarant exclusively represents in Ukraine the leading world producers, performs guarantee and service, trains the staff of the client.

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