State institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

State institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Off . 1001, 5-А, Bratyslavska Str., Kyiv, 02166, Ukraine
+380 (44) 291-61-02 +380 (44) 291-61-03

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Heart Institute is a unique model of cardiac surgery care, specifi cally designed to address a range of complex and critical care requirements to population of Ukraine. The facilities at Heart Institute combine state-of-the-art amenities and world-class service standards. The hospital is a 150 bed facility, with clinical, diagnostic, critical and acute inpatient units. Our responsibility is to provide the best possible care and outcome for every patient. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations for comfort and convenience. We will take every opportunity to serve and support those in our care. Ukraine Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons awarded Heart Institute as “THE BEST HOSPITAL 2015”.

National cancer institute

33/43, Lomonosov Str., 03022, Kyiv, Ukraine
+380 (44) 259-01-86 +380 (44) 259-02-73

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National Cancer Institute – one of the oldest scientifi c medical institutes in Ukraine. He was founded in 1920. The Institute is main public research institution of control cancer and oncological radial diagnostics and nuclear medicine in Ukraine. The new methods of cancer diagnostics and treatment were due to in Institute widely inculcated in practice of health care. The Institute has 1079 employees, including 129 researchers, from them there are 27 – D.Sc.M., 32 – Ph.D., 15 – professors, 1 – corresponding member NAS and NAMS of Ukraine, 3 – “Honoured Worker of Science and Technique of Ukraine”, 11 – “Honoured Doctor of Ukraine”. In the National Cancer Institute treats over 11000 patients and also more than 30000 patients are given a consultations annually.

National Scientifi c Medical Library of Ukraine

7, L. Tolstoi Str., Kyiv, 01033, Ukraine
+380 (44) 234-51-97, 289-14-40 +380 (44) 235-11-35

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The Library was founded in November 1930. It received National in April 2006. The Library is an integral part of the health care system of Ukraine. It is an organizational research and scientifi c-methodical center of a network of medical libraries in Ukraine. The National book depository of medical literature contains more than 1.500000 editions. State Depository. State Depository is a patent documentation center. It iscenter of documents exchange.

Public institution Ukrainian Scientifi c research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Resort Therapy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

6, Lermontovsky Side-street, Odesa, 65014, Ukraine
+380 (48)728-06-53 +380 (48)728-62-41

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Public institution Ukrainian Scientifi c research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Resort Therapy of Ministry of Health of Ukraine care is a head scientifi c-research institution in Ukraine in the fi eld of medical rehabilitation, physio therapy and curortology, balneological evaluation, standardization and sertifi cation of natural and pre formed treatment resources, mineral waters and artifi cial mineralized waters and drinks on their base.

Reference-centre for molecular diagnostic of Public Health Ministry of Ukraine, SI

9, Dorogogitskaya Str., Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine
+380 (44) 205-48-13 +380 (44) 205-49-12

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State institution “Reference-centre for molecular diagnostic of Public Health Ministry of Ukraine” (SI “RCMD of Public Health Ministry of Ukraine”) was created to advice of guidance and practical assistance for health care and the introduction of modern molecular genetic, molecular cytogenetic methods in clinical practice and public health, development and implementation of regulations, regulatory documents, practical recommendations, standards and protocols for the optimization of studies in cytogenetic and molecular genetic laboratories, clinical laboratories that use cytogenetic and molecular genetic methods. SI “RCMD of Public Health Ministry of Ukraine” is co-coordinator of the interlaboratory comparison measurements “Molecular Genetics” and “Cytogenetics” programmes. The center carried determines 120 genetic polymorphism and mutations in genes associated with hereditary diseases and inherited predisposition to multifactor diseases.

Scientifi c Practical Center for Prophylactic and Clinical Medicine, State Administration, SSE

5, Verkhya Str., Kyiv, 01014, Ukraine
+380 (44) 284-84-53

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SSE “SPC PCM” SA is a principal research and development (R&D), clinical, prophylactic and educational institution in the branch of healthcare in Ukraine. Its activity priorities are: scientifi c research projects, high quality ambulatory, stationary, urgent medical services, upgrade of medical specialists knowledge. Establishment is completed with highly qualifi ed stuff , using modern medical technologies and devices, constantly improving quality of medicare.

The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine

37, Bohdan Khmelnitsky Str., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine
+380 (44) 234-15-74 +380 (44) 234-29-02

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The National Museum of Medicine of Ukraine - a modern museum in the old Anatomic Theater built in 1853. Exciting interiors with realistic fi gures that surpass wax counterparts, original tools, books, photos are waiting for guests. Interesting tours with audio and video accompaniment and exhibition, which transforms before your eyes, are proposed to our visitors. For over 30 year sour museum is an active part of the European Association of Museums History of Medical Sciences (EAMHMS, Paris).The museum is located in the heart of the capital of Ukraine. There is also a conference and exhibition hall. Orders for tours and necessary information are available by phone. Custom orders and special conditions are possible. Guided tours in English or Russian are available upon preliminary request. Enjoy the atmosphere of medical antiquity!

Ukrainian Institute of Strategic Researches Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SI

3, Volgo-Donskiy Lane, Kyiv, 02099, Ukraine
+380 (44) 576-41-19 +380 (44) 576-41-20

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The leading organization of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which provides a scientifi c grounding and reforming programs development and working out of national health care system, its legal, fi nancial, economic, personnel, information support, studies problems of restructuring of branch, priority development of the primary health care, creation of quality management system and standardization of health care, signifi cant attention is given to healthy life style formation.

Ukrainian Medical Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SI

10, Timiryazeva Str., Kharkiv, 61020, Ukraine
+380 (57) 376-21-49

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Ukrainian Medical Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SI is a separate legal entity. The purpose of the Center: highly skilled, specialized inpatient obstetric reproductive care of all regions of Ukraine; provision of consultative medical care; development and implementation of organizational, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies in the Ukrainian institutions of appropriate profi le aimed at reducing reproductive losses and reproductive health, including infertility treatment methods of assisted reproductive technology. A priority direction of the treatment process is providing medical care to patients with reproductive losses and patients suff ering from infertility of diff erent genesis.

Ukrainian scientifi cally-practical center emergency medical help and medicine of the catastrophes Ministry of Health of Ukraine, SI

3, Bratyslavska Str.,Kyiv, 02660, Ukraine
+380 (44) 518-57-08

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The Center – is the main Governmental service of Disaster medicine. The goal of The Center is to supply medical protection to population in condition of emergency, terrorism and special period (war time), at the territory of Ukraine and above it. The Center conduct scientifi c researches on the topic of emergency medical help and disaster medicine in normal and special (war time) period, provides rendering organizational, methodical and consultative help to medical institutions. Theoretical developments of the experts of The Center are used in creation of decrees of the M of PH of Ukraine, resolutions of The Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine, Bills of Ukraine. There are mobile brigades of fast response that operates at the base of The Center. These brigades have modern medical equipment to work at automatic mode in condition of emergency of natural and technogenic character. The Center actively carries out international activity in the aspect of the humanitarian missions (rendering medical care in the centers of natural and social disasters). There are postgraduate studies on specialties at the base of The Center: “surgery”, “traumatology and orthopedy”.

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